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syncopated glee



Friend of the Devil
March 29, 1985
Nassau Coliseum

This one just keeps growing. Amazing solos. Great later-era dead vibe.
March 21, 1986
Hampton Coliseum

Driving interpretation later in a smoking first set that had the band ON FIRE. Weir's playing is especially innovative in this set- some of his best.
June 27, 1985

Intense, lyrical version coming out of a beautiful (aren't they all?) Crazy Fingers from a hot first set.
Bird Song
March 21, 1986
Hampton Coliseum

Epically intense crescendos. A singular version set in an awesomely improvisational first set. Especially listen to Weir & Garcia's contributions.


Scarlet Begonias -> Fire On The Mountain
March 28, 1985
Nassau Coliseum

I remember being at this show and being let down by the second set. Listening to it since then, I realize I was just deluded at the time. It's a fabulous set, with this being a fabulous start to it. The set as a whole just flows and flows in a way that plays to their strengths in the mid-80s. Extremely danceable.
Help On The Way > Slipknot > Franklin's Tower
April 17, 1983
Meadowlands Arena

A really powerful, 'wound-up' version, particularly from Jerry and Phil and the drummers, but really from everyone. I remember watching Bob in particular playing his guitar in his bizarrely wonderful way as it was unfolding. Like much of this show, it has a very jazzy vibe for that era.
Drums -> Space
April 17, 1983
Meadowlands Arena

Heartily agree with BishopBucky's comment. These kinds of Spaces, besides being awesome in and of themselves, let you know that the band was just really into the show that night, which obviously wasn't always the case in this era. And for this era, this was a really, really great show!
Playin' In The Band
April 17, 1983
Meadowlands Arena

So many great PITBs, but this is one of the very best from the 80s. As it goes on, the band goes into this heavily spacey, really out-there vibe, just incredibly jazzy. Jerry's fabulous; Brent's incredibly strong in a pensive kind of way, some of the best playing of his that I've ever heard; but they're all great. In the later stages of the jamming there's a kind of fluid exchange that I associate much more with the band in '73-'74 than with this era, but updated to the 80s.
March 25, 1985
Springfield Civic Center

A great version. This was hands-down one of the best first sets from their shows in this era, and this Sugaree helps to make it great.