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shady grove



Uncle John's Band
Sept. 29, 1977
Paramount Theatre

Encore with crazy drumming, Weir's guitar nice and high in the mix, and Garcia relentless. Vocals are pretty good too.
It Must Have Been The Roses
Oct. 12, 1983
Madison Square Garden

Heartfelt version with great vox in the middle of a storming first set.
So Many Roads
March 25, 1993
Dean Smith Center - University of North Carolina

This song seemed to bring out the best in Jerry's singing in the final years. This version's no different. And the guitar solo's lovely too.
Let It Grow
Nov. 30, 1981
Hara Arena

Jerry giving it some fiery filigree, rhythm section cookin' and Brent adding sweet colour.
Oct. 18, 1980
Saenger Performing Arts Center

I'm probably in the minority but I much prefer the electric stuff from this show. This has got such a lazy, loping groove with everyone feeling it.


Playin' In The Band
Oct. 9, 1972
Winterland Arena

Shame about that cut.
Playin' In The Band
Oct. 9, 1972
Winterland Arena

Damn, that's good. Only 7 minutes in and my mind is blown. Should I be worried about the forthcoming rap? Now 17 minutes in and even a drunk Grace Slick can't possibly ruin it.
Morning Dew
April 27, 1977
Capitol Theatre

My favourite of all the 77 Dews. Gorgeous and devastating.
Dancin' in the Streets
May 22, 1977
The Sportatorium

This brings the funk. It's less metronomic and more dynamic than Cornell. I've just made a 74-track 1977 playlist for car journeys to and from gigs (no song repeats but omitting Looks Like Rain and Passenger 'cause however well they're performed, I just don't get them) and I didn't have to think twice about which Dancing to use...
Comes A Time
July 17, 1976
Orpheum Theatre

Transcendent stuff, full of space and soul.