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Go Bills




The Other One
July 18, 1990
Deer Creek Music Theater

Woooooow I can't believe i've never heard this one. You know that feeling when you hear a jam and they kick into something and you go "WOOOOAH" ya this is the one here. Balls to the wall O1 with some trippy Healy manipulation. Get it.
Positively 4th Street
Dec. 21, 1979

I seen people fluff (that means talk it up/say how good it is) on reddit. People saying it was their favourite piece of Jerry music ever. I kinda scoffed at the idea.. Like okay dude. It's a fucking Dylan cover from 1979 lol. Not exactly fertile ground for "best ever Jerry." '79 was a transitional year for Jerry and the Dead. He was deep in the grips of a life long Heroin addiction. So an hour ago I listened to this for this first time. Then I listened again. And i'll be DAMNED. Boy oh boy.. It IS that good. Kahn is on fire and Jerry's new Tiger fucking RIPS. My favourite Garcia moment EVER? Maybe that's pushing it. Best performance of 1979 of any song? Probably. It's that good folks. Listen to this. You will understand why. Below is the FLAC SBD version of the performance. Enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQaZ39DSlW8
Dark Star
July 13, 1984
Greek Theatre, U. Of California

This would be the last "Dark Star" to appear until the famed "Warlocks" shows in October (9th & 10th) where the Dead busted it out to much acclaim. This would be the last "Dark Star" for 1,914 days, or, 5 years, 2 months and 26 days lol. Oh, and to my knowledge it's the only "Dark Star" to ever appear as an encore. And a good one at that!
Blow Away
Aug. 27, 1972
Old Renaissance Faire Grounds

I'm confused... This is showing up under "Blow Away" lol. Blow Away is a Brent song and didn't premiere until 1988/06/20...
High Time
July 16, 1990
Rich Stadium

Not sure if I agree with this tour being awesome. It's quite pedestrian to my ears. Though, I wasn't there and it'd be another 3 years until I climbed out of my mother's womb. What are some choice Summer 90 jams/shows I can check out? To me a night and day difference between spring & summer. That spring tour is fucking insane. Dare I say some of their best playing ever. Akin to Spring 77 or Europe 72.