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sharp & narrow



Playin' In The Band
March 5, 1981
Stanley Theater

Great 80s PITB - Rhythm Section swings a la Jazz Messengers!
Brother Esau
March 24, 1986
The Spectrum

IMHO, Best ever


Dark Star
Sept. 19, 1970
Fillmore East

Definitely my top DS. BUT, it's so hard to rate this DS in general, compared to countless other greats. What this DS is really about is the fact that it kicks off probably one of the finest 45 minute (or so) segments of Grateful Dead Music ever played. DS through Lovelight is just great GD synergy. If there's a top ten list of 45 - 60 min. segments of GD Jamming, then this set is easily in the top 5 for me. I weep at the beauty of Garcia's tone in DS, and marvel at Weir's magical rhythm guitar, and also of course at Pig's lovelight rap.
Franklin's Tower
July 1, 1979
Seattle Center Coliseum

Noice. Dig this version: https://archive.org/details/gd1979-07-01.141413.akg.d224e.holhwein.lee.smith.miller.clugston.flac2496 - This great AUD version should get this some up-ticks...
Next Time You See Me
July 2, 1971
Fillmore West

Can't believe this gets no love! Let's bump it up. This cooks nicely..
Promised Land
Aug. 21, 1972
Berkeley Community Theater

A few flubbed lyrics notwithstanding, this one is grate. Short and sweet, Keith is the highlight here. This version needs a little more love.
Brown Eyed Women
Aug. 24, 1980
Grand Center

Holy Crap! Where has this been hiding?! Gives new meaning to the term, growler. Let's bump this one as high as we can! Cast your vote everybody...