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Good Lovin'
Dec. 9, 1981
Activity Center - University of Colorado

Great era for Bob GL's. This one does not disappoint.
Little Red Rooster
Dec. 9, 1981
Activity Center - University of Colorado

One of the best ever at this great show!
Friend of the Devil
Dec. 9, 1981
Activity Center - University of Colorado

Man is this version gorgeous!
Jack Straw
Dec. 9, 1981
Activity Center - University of Colorado

Killer Cold rain>Jack Straw
Looks Like Rain
March 10, 1981
Madison Square Garden

Great rock star tone by Jer in final jam before vocal reprise.


Ollin Arageed
Sept. 16, 1978
Sphinx Theatre

The definitive! The refrain is repeated more than usual and becomes more powerful lyrically and musically until it goes into the best stand alone Fire ever played.
Me and My Uncle
Nov. 17, 1972
Century II Convention Hall

Yup...def. top 2.
Fire On The Mountain
Sept. 16, 1978
Sphinx Theatre

I don't usually write more than 3 words, but this deserves more than I wrote before. It comes out of the most definitive Ollin as Phil leads the way into Fire. It has a super slow groove in the beginning prior to the first verse. The first Jam is fine, but the second has grit/power as Phil is thumping fast and hard. Not to mention that the whole band is firing. I recommend the release as the mix is perfect as you can hear each member individually and as a whole. The Jam stops on a dime as they make their way to the third verse. The third Jam is smoked and then it has the cool transition to IKO. Few things to mention: This version is like no other or even close as it has a unique groove that I can't explain. Jerry's vocal are perfect. It's definitive for me as a stand alone and the Ollin>Fire>Iko is just some of the most off the hook stuff. I know this version has 16 votes, but If you haven't listened to this...you are seriously missing the fuckin boat.
Black Throated Wind
Sept. 10, 1991
Madison Square Garden

I hear ya brotha!
Stella Blue
June 8, 1992
Richfield Coliseum

Agree. One of the best shows of 92, too.