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Jack Straw
Sept. 10, 1993
Richfield Coliseum

Torched straw!
Mississippi Halfstep Uptown Toodeloo
May 29, 1992
Sam Boyd Silver Bowl

Starts off a killer first set. Top notch pre and post rio Grande jams.
Sugar Magnolia
May 17, 1974
P.N.E. Coliseum

Smoking version at this killer show
Wang Dang Doodle
June 28, 1992
Deer Creek Music Center

One of the best ever at this third best show of the year. Set list for the ages.
Friend of the Devil
June 17, 1976
Capitol Theater

The slowness of 76 works so well for this 2nd set FOTD. Prettiest song of the night.


Pretty Peggy O
Jan. 30, 1978
Uptown Theater

Killer Wolf twang to this version. Could easily be a top 10 version.
Lazy Lightnin' -> Supplication
Jan. 30, 1978
Uptown Theater

Another under rated gem from this show.
Sugar Magnolia
May 17, 1977
Memorial Coliseum

After listening to the whole show today, it really maybe the best show of this killer year. It has some of the highest voted versions...high time, jack a roe, etc. Maybe the best S>F, too. But what I really noticed is there was not one lyrical miscue and it might be the cleanest show of all time. The Terrapin is perfect. Even has some exploration with a super tasty Playin.
Shakedown Street
Oct. 15, 1994
Madison Square Garden

Absolute beast here.
Dec. 12, 1990
McNichols Arena

Totally in my wheel house, Iknowurider. +1. Maybe the most consistently hot tune from 89-95. This isn't Alpine 89, but hot af.