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Deader thanthou



Believe It Or Not
March 22, 1990
Copps Coliseum

There are a couple versions that people generally argue for, but this one is and always will be my favorite.
April 19, 1982
Baltimore Civic Center

More nitrous! A classic space in the world of spaces.
Feb. 27, 1994
Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Stadium

Ruff ruff. Dog spacin' good
Wharf Rat
April 2, 1995
The Pyramid

Excellent ending jam. Easily the best of '95 (which isn't saying much, i know) and maybe one of the best of the 90's. Don't bitchslap me.
Wharf Rat
July 19, 1994
Deer Creek Music Center

It's funny (or not) listening now what, 17 years later, I can here all the flubs whereas back then they could do no wrong.


Samba In The Rain
Dec. 16, 1994
Sports Arena

There is no such thing as a good version of samba. Not a single one
Playin' In The Band
May 19, 1995
Sam Boyd Silver Bowl

Definitely one of the trippier playin's of the last couple years.
Black Throated Wind
March 29, 1993
Knickerbocker Arena

Isn't 3/26 the first show with the terrible new lyrics?
So Many Roads
June 23, 1992
Star Lake Amphitheater

Surprising how good this is considering it's one of the early ones burt it certainly is good
Wharf Rat
July 19, 1994
Deer Creek Music Center

nothing was wrong. Jerry never missed a step. As time goes on the sadder I get going back and listening to these older shows. For some reason it's much more apparent now than then. Whatever the case, this is not the best Wrat by far, but one I've enjoyed many times over the years.