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Jerry G



U.S. Blues (Wave That Flag)
March 23, 1987
Hampton Coliseum

US Blooz
It Must Have Been The Roses
Oct. 19, 1974
Winterland Arena

So delicate you could break this with a Christmas ornament.
Cold Rain and Snow
Dec. 26, 1969
McFarlin Auditorium, SMU

Tweener version
Big Railroad Blues
Dec. 11, 1972
Winterland Arena

Not long running time; but Jer pulls the hillbilly switch early
Me and My Uncle
Dec. 11, 1972
Winterland Arena

Jerry Jam Uncle following killer Half Step.


I Know You Rider
May 19, 1974
Portland Memorial Coliseum

This is nowhere near as cohesive or tight as say; Olympia 5/3 1972. But that's also not to say; this isn't awesome. This version is full of power. This one has a bit more soul, rolling keys and then; Jerry and Billy beat the shit outta their instruments to make the end of China Cat>Transition>Crash into Rider; like only the Dead can "make" happen.
Let It Grow
May 14, 1978
Providence Civic Center

The dusborne source sounds damn near perfect on my devices. This LIG is Garcia on fire. Everyone sounds great in this version; but it's Jerry that really does the heavy lifting; turning on a dime and doing things with this song that are just a little bit different; once again.
Big River
May 14, 1978
Providence Civic Center

I couldn't agree more cgarces. I'm listening to the whole show tonight/tomorrow. Might not finish tonight. Great recommend; Big River truly rips and roars; Cassidy is amazing and TLEO sounds fantastic; and I'm on Musta/Roses now and there's a lil' extra Jerry at almost every turn. The AUD provided sounds real good, and this show def has that "it" factor.
May 14, 1978
Providence Civic Center

Wow! This Cassidy is firing on all cylinders. Versions like this make me think that I need to listen to this song more. Great recommend
Playin' In The Band
June 26, 1973
Seattle Center Coliseum

This He's Gone is quite Kezar-like and I'm listening from that through to the end. Yes; this Seattle show is damn good so far.