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Let It Grow
Feb. 20, 1982
Golden Hall, Community Concourse

Holy mother of god. Do you want to feel like you're back at the show? Do you also want to hear the best Let It Grow of the '80s? Listen up boys n gir
Oct. 27, 1979
Cape Cod Coliseum

Are you kidding me?? Honored to be submitting this. Enjoy
June 21, 1986
Greek Theatre, U. Of California

Listen *NOW*This belongs at the top of this list. Probably Jerry's greatest Loser solo of ALL time. Brent's presence adds so much to this version.
Ship of Fools
May 12, 1981
Veterans' Memorial Coliseum

The whole band was so on this night. Jerry's pouring emotion in this one. Check it out.
Eyes Of The World
Sept. 11, 1990
The Spectrum

Was shocked not to find this one here... 5 star performance from the recently added Vince, 5 stars for Mr. Hornsby. Boys are on fire!


Terrapin Station
April 6, 1982
The Spectrum

Jerry's voice is so beautiful here. mid-82 is an interesting period, his voice is somewhere between the 70s and the 80s. Really beautiful
Dark Star
Oct. 21, 1971
Auditorium Theatre

What an incredible Dark Star. The movements of the band are so nice. We really feel them working through something together. Liquid energy flows like a river. Absolutely stunning. Note to self: Check out rest of October Dark Stars, if they're anything like this one they're friggin gold.
Jack Straw
Oct. 20, 1984
Carrier Dome, Syracuse U

Heard this on GD Radio today, how did I overlook this version of my favorite song? Absolutely dynamite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feel Like A Stranger
May 16, 1980
Nassau Coliseum

Easily my favorite
Playin' In The Band
Nov. 15, 1972
Oklahoma City Music Hall