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Let It Grow
Dec. 30, 1979
Oakland Auditorium

Not a long version, but erupting with shards of pure sweet Jerry. From the Road Trips 3.1 bonus disc.
Oct. 23, 1980
Radio City Music Hall

Go To Heaven reissue bonus track
Wharf Rat
July 13, 1989
RFK Stadium

Adding this based purely on the listening party sample for the forthcoming box set.
El Paso
Oct. 3, 1976
Cobo Arena

The jazzy '76 feel brings out the polka in the song a bit more than in other years.
Mountain Jam
Aug. 24, 1968
Shrine Auditorium

During Alligator, post-drums. One of the most discernible, helps that show was recorded on multi-track.


Morning Dew
Aug. 27, 1972
Old Renaissance Faire Grounds

Franklin's Tower
Dec. 4, 1979
Uptown Theater

Jam out of Franklin's is really sweet. Surprised it wasn't included on the Fall '79 Road Trips, but now it's filler material on the latest Dave's Picks so it sounds as good as can be.
Scarlet Begonias -> Fire On The Mountain
Dec. 3, 1979
Uptown Theatre

Oops, too bad they had to do an audience patch just when "Fire On the Mountain" was getting going.
Dec. 3, 1979
Uptown Theatre

Probably an example of something much better to listen to on a tape than at the actual show, especially since most people there wouldn't have known the song.
The Music Never Stopped
Dec. 3, 1979
Uptown Theatre

Huge finish... guessing this version will get more upvotes thanks to the release of Dave's Picks 31.