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Mind Left Body Jam
Dec. 18, 1973
Curtis Hixon Convention Hall

Short but sweet


Bird Song
Sept. 24, 1972
Palace Theatre

There’s a short section just after the 4:00 mark where Jerry plays the intro melody in a slightly different way and 1 or 2 octaves up that’s just gorgeous. Great version that deserves to be much higher. I may even prefer it to 9/27/72. I think the fact that the circulating sources aren’t great and the 30T version isn’t widely available are the reasons it only has 12 votes.
Here Comes Sunshine
Nov. 21, 1973
Denver Coliseum

I am not too familiar with 5/26/73. I’ll try to give that and 2/15/73 a listen this weekend. Thanks for the tip!
Here Comes Sunshine
Nov. 21, 1973
Denver Coliseum

I was actually thinking the same thing yesterday re the allure created from dropping the tune in peak form. In a way it’s better than watching a song slowly get worse and worse over time - I’m thinking Scarlet > Fire. Nothing comes close to the spring ‘77 versions in my opinion. I often dismiss (maybe unfairly?) the spring versions of HCS because, as you said, they don’t go the distance like the later versions. I should listen again to some of the February versions and give them a fair shake.
Wharf Rat
April 7, 1972
Wembley Empire Pool

One of my favorites. The ending jam soars like a late 70s version but without the clunky “sneaker in the dryer” sound from 2 drummers.
Here Comes Sunshine
Feb. 23, 1974
Winterland Arena

They certainly went out with a bang on this song. It’s crazy that they shelved it for almost 20 years just a few months after they really started to nail it. 11/30/73 is still my favorite though - which isn’t surprising given that Dick’s Picks 14 is my favorite official release ever.