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Estimated Prophet
April 15, 1982
Providence Civic Center

A nice needle in a haystack with Estimated so heavy in rotation at time. High Energy with amazing jerry outro crawl!


Wharf Rat
May 7, 1977
Boston Garden

Absolutely wonderful jamming with Xtra few minutes between verses twords song end "I got a girl..."
Foolish Heart
June 22, 1991
Soldier Field

Peak jam Jerry raises the bar in nailing that note... Highlight of eve
Foolish Heart
Oct. 13, 1994
Madison Square Garden

I did this magical run with that oddly long beautiful Eyes intro and of course the 36+ min s/f, Dupree's, etc... What a grate week saw Shawshank Redemption in a beautiful Theatre on Thursday afternoon and was blown away twice that day by grate entertainment..
New Speedway Boogie
Oct. 15, 1994
Madison Square Garden

This had a very interesting memorable jam... Very interesting tour closing run.
Crazy Fingers
Oct. 10, 1982
Frost Amphitheatre

Keith and Jerry had the beautiful mellow invention of the song sound, which comes home on 06-14-76. Brent and Jerry just can't stop making my hairs stand up when they were still discovering one another's in and outs. This one I love and 6/14 is Crazy Fingers when the song is read or mentioned my brain goes to June 76. I just find myself enjoying this one more frequent. Odd that 2 others mentioned 6.14 or well it is one so it's that and the beast that surround. Brent and Jerry are tight and gritty and For such beauty it's a different nice clash.