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Samson and Delilah
April 18, 1978
Civic Arena

Kicking intro out of Dancin'>Drums and into a typically raucous, rippin', 1978 Samson. You'll dig it for the into alone but the whole thing is a beast
March 2, 1992
The Omni

Heavy calypso rhythms & monstrous punctuation via The Beast make for an epic Drums out of Terrapin. 5 star stuff.
Estimated Prophet
Aug. 30, 1978
Red Rocks Ampitheatre

In combo with the equally stunning "Eyes" to follow this is an unheralded, wah-wah Jerry-heavy, Bobby/Donna vocal gem.
Beat it on Down The Line
July 3, 1966
Fillmore Auditorium

Flying Pig.
Nov. 4, 1979
Civic Center

Sily smooth Althea from Providence. Rich Jerry vocals & of course, chunks o'Phil. This deserves a listen & some votes!


Scarlet Begonias -> Fire On The Mountain
March 26, 1983
Aladdin Theater

Run, don't walk, to hear this version in an upgraded Miller copy of the show just uploaded here: https://archive.org/details/gd1983-03-26.140315.sbd.eaton.miller.clugston.flac1648/Gd83-03-2612FireOnTheMountain.flac Long, windy 1983 with lots of grin-making moments.
Estimated Prophet
Sept. 4, 1991
Richfield Coliseum

I'll never share (or understand) Donnie's disdain for '77 but he does have a good ear for unheralded 90s versions of tunes (we both agree that the 9-18-90 Promised Land is by far better than any of the 70s versions that came before it) & this Estimated has some rich texture indeed, lots of interesting Jerry jamming & Bobby doing his aforementioned vocal gymnastics. But what also has to be acknowledged is how terribly weak the backing vocals are (Jerry can barely muster an audible "Californiaaaa" & the other folks are MIA) & while it may seem a small point it's actually a fairly big knock against the overall effectiveness of this version and its headiness. Any 1977 will give you better vocals all around, but in the end I did upvote this for its slower cadence and Vince's attempts to add some horn-like sounds that sound fairly annoying at first but ultimately contribute to this version's quirkiness--in a good way. Jer does some nice shredding in the outro too. Upvoted yes, but no, I wouldn't say any version from '77 has anything to worry about in competing with this one.
Eyes Of The World
May 7, 1977
Boston Garden

Not sure why I hadn't added a vote to this Gah-den Eyes 'til now but it deserves one. Reminiscent of the excellent version from 3/19/77 that also starts "cold" and just takes off into sweet jammy exploration, but I had forgotten about the nearly 3 minute intro section...yes, this is a slightly faster version (nothing like 11/4/77, though) but it still manages to take some time to find some really tasty nooks and crannies, especially in the intro section. Boston can sometimes be the Jan Brady to Cornell & Buffalo's Marsha/Cyndi dynamic, if you can follow that analogy, but there's a lot worth seeking out in that middle sister show. (In other words, I can hear Boston complaining "Ithaca, Ithaca, Ithaca! That's all anyone ever talks about!")
Dark Star
Nov. 7, 1971
Harding Theatre

Gem hidden. Gem found. What's amazing about this '71 beauty is how full and spacey and just how, well, Dark-Star-Ish this sounds even with the most stripped-down version of the band that ever took the stage. Garcia teases the main theme so many times before finally singing the verse and they all find these really interesting spaces in between to play with & Keith is very present to add some twinkling star feels to the proceedings. Excellent version that should get into the higher reaches of the list if more people heard it.
Here Comes Sunshine
March 24, 1973
The Spectrum

^^^^Agreed. Tight, energetic and better sung than most.