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Nov. 20, 1971
Pauley Pavilion

The new DaP release showcases how good this, especially w/Keith way up front in the mix & kicking the tune into ragtime jazz gear-a fantastic version!
Don't Ease Me In
Dec. 9, 1979
Kiel Auditorium

Don't sleep on this one. Brent's sweeping fluorishes permeate + a nice epic coda. Overlooked tune from a sleeper show now w/more looks due to DaP#47
Man Smart, Woman Smarter
Dec. 30, 1983
Civic Auditorium

Some of the smoothest rhythm Bobby ever laid down on this tune. Brent provides great harmony. Super sweetness here!
Man Smart, Woman Smarter
April 24, 1984
Veterans' Memorial Coliseum

Rhythmic, bouncy, Uptempo BobbyBrentastic version
Man Smart, Woman Smarter
March 26, 1990
Knickerbocker Arena

Love when Brent takes the vocal on 2nd verse PLUS check out the little trade-off he & Bob do on lyrics in last stanza. Bouncy, jaunty, supefun stuff


March 24, 1990
Knickerbocker Arena

^^^^All true, and this version needs no excuses for its spot on the board... breathtaking Garcia solo, gruff vox growl perfectly fitting the tune, the whole band in lock step...there are other underrated versions out there but to say this is overrated is silly. For a similar version to this one (not quite on the same level but damn close) check out Ventura 7/22/84
Let It Grow
April 15, 1978
William and Mary College Hall

This is even a shade better than 5-14-78 at Providence which is also great but I think gets its higher ranking only b/c it's longer...and not by much...this one glides a little better to my ears and Donna blends so nicely with Bobby, and of course the jamming is rich and colorful throughout. Shoulda upped it long ago
Greatest Story Ever Told
Dec. 6, 1992
Knickerbocker Arena

Another winner from this way underappreciated late '92 humdinger of a show--the jam section in this one is a Jerry shred fest that also features some of Vince's best keyboard work and whatever Bobby had goin' on with his slash-fuzz-guitar sound at this show --he shouda done more of it...so good
Maggie's Farm
Dec. 6, 1992
Knickerbocker Arena

Started checking this show out after a great rec for Masterpiece & found this gem of a MF...Miler board available on the archive is one of the crispiest you'll ever hear, a bonus for a rollicking hard-rockin' version of a Dylan classic--the boys all nail their respective lyric sections & it's a byoot all around.
When I Paint My Masterpiece
Dec. 6, 1992
Knickerbocker Arena

Slow crunchy, yet propulsive, grunge-rock version....far under most masterpiece radars and well worth a bump