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March 16, 1990
Capital Centre

Not Space, but since there's no category for "jam" this beautiful calypso improv out of WomenRsmarter will have to do (also has an "Eyes" tease)
Greatest Story Ever Told
Oct. 9, 1982
Frost Amphitheatre

From the show always overshadowed by the next night, which is a shame. Fantastic Jerry/Brent conversation mid-jam. Give a listen!
Let It Grow
June 10, 1976
Boston Music Hall

July 1, 1980
San Diego Sports Arena

3 versions on archive. Grab the SBD seeded by Brian Cole. Listen to the insane end jam. Listen to the whole thing. This is an A+++ version!
Lazy Lightnin' -> Supplication
Oct. 30, 1977
Assembly Hall - Indiana University

Can't believe what short shrift this show gets. They pull off the combo like gangbusters here.


Scarlet Begonias -> Fire On The Mountain
April 11, 1978
Fox Theatre

Might sound crazy to upvote an entire combo of songs just for the coda that ends one of them, but the final jam of Fire back into the main Scarlet theme is worth it. Just a Garcia pinpoint perfect clinic of roaring crescendos and all-in rocking. It's not that the preceding stuff is bad in any way, but 3/4 of the way thru you could be forgiven for thinking this isn't a stand out version in any real way. Then that final flurry hits ya, and wowza, that's a keeper.
Scarlet Begonias -> Fire On The Mountain
Sept. 5, 1979
Madison Square Garden

^^^^yeah, I gotta agree, this is far to good to have less than a handful of votes. Great expeditions take place in the transition jam and this is early in Brent's tenure before he resorted to the Fischer Price keyboard tinkling that marred some later versions. The Fire is pretty incendiary, too. Nice Miller SBD available. Check it out.
Brown Eyed Women
Sept. 26, 1981
Buffalo Auditorium

I voted/commented on this ages ago but only recently went back to it. If you love this song do yourself a favor and spin this version now. Bridge jam is truly one of the best ever. Whole thing is great. Find the Miller sbd version and enjoy.
Eyes Of The World
Jan. 30, 1978
Uptown Theater

Every once in a while I check out a show/version way down the list that looks like a year I generally like a lot and a month that indicates it should be a pretty good show. But then I look and see that the version I'm clicking on has just a handful of votes. Sometimes even just one or two. So it must not be worth the time to hear, yeah? Well, this EYES Of THE WORLD, jam packed full of leftover sweetness from the remnants of '77, is the epitome of a sensational rendition no one is apparently paying any attention to. Do yourself a favor and give a listen. If nothing else, you'll hear a pretty sweet triplet as it segues into Stella>Franklin's.
June 20, 1974
The Omni

For my money this is the best version they ever laid down. The vocals are passionate and the jam post lyrics is a clinic for hard rocking blues a la Garcia and then they hit the wind-up jam hard and nail that, too. For that combination of 1972-style blues jamming plus the killer wind-up jammthis version never ceases to amaze. Then, of course, you get an equally good Eyes>Slipknot prototype jam. What a sequence from an outstanding show.