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June 12, 1980
Memorial Coliseum

Just a great, grooving, bluesy Althea. Everyone right in the pocket. Find the exceptional Miller SBD & enjoy.
Bird Song
July 21, 1972
Paramount Northwest Theater

Download Series Vol. 10. This version is sparkling. Everything you expect out of a great '72 w/cool OR. vibe. Beautiful midsong drum break & much more
Aiko Aiko
Feb. 23, 1993
Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum

Hey Now! Played on Mardi Gras day with 10 minute drum percussion lead-in to start the 2nd set! You'll like what the Big Chief say.
March 16, 1990
Capital Centre

Not Space, but since there's no category for "jam" this beautiful calypso improv out of WomenRsmarter will have to do (also has an "Eyes" tease)
Greatest Story Ever Told
Oct. 9, 1982
Frost Amphitheatre

From the show always overshadowed by the next night, which is a shame. Fantastic Jerry/Brent conversation mid-jam. Give a listen!


Casey Jones
June 22, 1973
Pacific Coliseum

The band somehow achieves mellow hotness on this one.
Here Comes Sunshine
June 22, 1973
Pacific Coliseum

Minor hiccups (lyric flub, one stutter step in one of the chord changes) can’t detract from the overall brilliance of this version. Jam section between verse 2 and 3, which makes or breaks any HCS is almost too sweet for words. New box set sound reproduction provides clear and distinct separation of instruments to be heard like never before. Keith’s fills and Billy’s subtle drum accents come alive in particular.
Playin' In The Band
May 21, 1974
Edmundson Pavilion

The great new box set can't even change my mind on this version. It's not even the screechfest middle section that bugs me so much, it's more that there's no cohesion to this marathon piece at all. It feels like four or five different sections of things they could have played separately throughout the show in different jams, with varying results. I'd probably dig about 2 of the 5 in this one but it's length is more a novelty than an indication of its worth. Compare with 11/1/5/72 which is also long at 30 mins. but has far greater flow and continuity to the musical soundscapes they visit than this one does. Just a 2 cent opinion after listening closely again from the new set, which really is proving to be fantastic.
Eyes Of The World
May 21, 1974
Edmundson Pavilion

Better than a lot of ones from the same year currently higher on the ladder. Blissful post second verse second jam.
Wharf Rat
May 21, 1974
Edmundson Pavilion

Great point Carrion makes about the Birdsongish quality of this Rat, especially in the outro jam which manages to be dreamy and intense all at once. Great vox from Jerry on this one too. I prefer this song mostly in 1977 but of the pre ‘77 versions this might be my favorite especially as heard in the new Pacific Northwest box set. Excellent group of shows and hopefully this one will get attention beyond the 46 min. PITB