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Beat it on Down The Line
July 3, 1966
Fillmore Auditorium

Flying Pig.
Nov. 4, 1979
Civic Center

Sily smooth Althea from Providence. Rich Jerry vocals & of course, chunks o'Phil. This deserves a listen & some votes!
June 20, 1980
West High Auditorium

Short but oh so sweet fuzzfest of Brent-centric gooyness seamlessly into a typically funkified 1980 NFA
Eyes Of The World
July 12, 1976
Orpheum Theater

Soundcheck! Excellent sound on source provided & brilliant flowing ripping Garcia leads. Classic '76 "backwards" version.
Estimated Prophet
Aug. 30, 1980
The Spectrum

Ultra hot mid jam (Bobby nearly plunges back too early but Jerry forges ahead) & Brent is all over the ivories. Hot stuff in Philly.


Scarlet Begonias -> Fire On The Mountain
May 5, 1977
New Haven Coliseum

Took a serious re-listen and if nothing else this version contains one of the for sure greatest transitions from Scarlet into Fire ever performed. It’s seamless powerful beautiful all rolled into one.
Eyes Of The World
Oct. 17, 1978
Winterland Arena

Yes to the matrix & YES to this version as grand '78 headiness. I'm at a loss as to why this wasn't on the big board until now. Great year, great tune, great run of shows....the Dusborne matrix is a revelation. Unbounded listening pleasure here and an easy +1.
Estimated Prophet
April 12, 1978
Cameron Indoor Stadium

^^^^Ya. The US Blues gets a lot of attention for this show but it's so much more than that. Fine Estimated here. April is to 1978 what May was to 1977.
Eyes Of The World
April 12, 1978
Cameron Indoor Stadium

Unacceptable that this is still languishing in single digits. Freaking intro alone is 4+ mins. with great fanning from Jerry & just a spectacular all around version from a well-known and amazing show w/a great board. WTF folks?
Eyes Of The World
Jan. 14, 1978
Bakersfield Memorial Auditorium

Fluid, colorful jamming, an extension of '77-ness associated with this great tune. Jerry seems to have a weak vocal but he doesn't get the words wrong...more like he's having trouble belting it out. The jamming shows no such signs, though...Garcia's in full command here. Glad to bump this one past the "10" vote mark. Give a listen & see if you think it should be higher still (jam after 2nd verse may very well convince you).