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Me and My Uncle
April 19, 1978
Veterans Memorial Auditorium

Garciia packs epic multitudes into his brief guitar solo. Check out this WAY under the radar MAMU>BigRiver pairing. One of the best ever.
The Mighty Quinn (Quinn The Eskimo)
May 11, 1991
Shoreline Amphitheatre

Slowest but also funkiest version ever played. Garcia stumbles out of the gates on lyrics but it's no train wreck & the band rescues for a winner
Aiko Aiko
May 11, 1991
Shoreline Amphitheatre

Bruce is boss on this one, his keys just adding color & style throughout the tune. Overlooked show & performance
May 12, 1981
Veterans' Memorial Coliseum

Numerous "Lively Up Yourself" teases within this short space--follows a "He's Gone" dedicated to Bob Marley
Samson and Delilah
April 18, 1978
Civic Arena

Kicking intro out of Dancin'>Drums and into a typically raucous, rippin', 1978 Samson. You'll dig it for the into alone but the whole thing is a beast


China Cat Sunflower -> I Know You Rider
March 19, 1973
Nassau Coliseum

shouldn't ought to be so low. Groovalicious version.
The Other One
March 22, 1973
Utica Memorial Auditorium

This show is fast finding under the radar gold for me.There's an upgrade to the existing Betty Board that really helps this shine like never before & as for this version, we're looking at a liquidy jazz jam that eases its way into the main theme rather than roaring forth led by Phil's bass as is per the norm, but fear not, b/c Phil makes his presence known just fine in the meat of the jam and this one goes all over the map, finding secret routes & passages back to the homeland and into a typically spellbinding '73 vintage Eyes. Should climb the ladder along w./several other tunes from this show (check the beauty of a Birdsong too)
Wharf Rat
May 17, 1977
Memorial Coliseum

Another thing I love about this deep, rich, Wharf Rat from an equally profound show is the way it literally rolls in from the drummers in one of the more sublime transitions I've ever heard with this tune. Stupendous on its own but made extra special by the lead-in from the playin' jam.
He's Gone
Sept. 18, 1974
Parc des Expositions

There's some extra chaw & drawl in Jerry's guitar solo before the bridge chorus & oh man, is it filthy good.
Dark Star
Nov. 26, 1972
San Antonio Civic Auditorium

Such a pity there isn’t a high quality recording of this show available. I don’t care for the final feedback portion but the FG jam before it and this version overall is sublime.