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Eyes Of The World
Oct. 27, 1990
The Zenith

Can't fathom how this A+ 90s version, with a gorgeous, relaxed tempo & delicate Garcia touches throughout hadn't made the list Great show, great EYES
June 12, 1980
Memorial Coliseum

Just a great, grooving, bluesy Althea. Everyone right in the pocket. Find the exceptional Miller SBD & enjoy.
Bird Song
July 21, 1972
Paramount Northwest Theater

Download Series Vol. 10. This version is sparkling. Everything you expect out of a great '72 w/cool OR. vibe. Beautiful midsong drum break & much more
Aiko Aiko
Feb. 23, 1993
Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum

Hey Now! Played on Mardi Gras day with 10 minute drum percussion lead-in to start the 2nd set! You'll like what the Big Chief say.
March 16, 1990
Capital Centre

Not Space, but since there's no category for "jam" this beautiful calypso improv out of WomenRsmarter will have to do (also has an "Eyes" tease)


Dark Star
June 24, 1973
Memorial Coliseum

I used some music editing software to remove the last ten minutes of crap and now this version is perfect. +1 with an admittedly big asterisk.
Brown Eyed Women
Sept. 6, 1979
Madison Square Garden

Give it up for a super-fine '79. Jerry goes a few extra rounds in the bridge jam, sings like he's buying a round for the bar & nails the landing for Delilah Jones...nice under the radar version here worthy of some love.
Dark Star
Oct. 24, 1971
Easttown Theatre

Slow jazz beginning section, Phil driving everything up til first verse...minimal dissonance, mostly lovely spacey passages to follow...some early proto-type feeling groovy jamming and all sorts of interesting stuff leading into second verse and then a sweet segue into Bobby McGee. Great undervalued gem here...whole show has that vibe. I'm not usually too crazy about '71 but this show goes against that grain.
Oct. 24, 1971
Easttown Theatre

Maybe the best early version there is with a surprisingly lengthy first Garcia solo followed by a totally unexpected second break in between the final two verses, plus the whole thing is done at a relaxed, groovy, bluesy pace and A+ vocals from Jerry. As stated the Miller source is the one to get, it is crystal clear. There's always a place for the rip roaring end coda versions of the 80s but these early ones with their less hurried pacing are awesome in their own way. Easy up here (and a great Dark Star from this same show)
Eyes Of The World
Dec. 18, 1973
Curtis Hixon Convention Hall

^^^^Summeraven has this just right about this being a compact version that sticks every landing. It's got the usual '73 flow and jazz chops in the jam sections and an absolutely rip snorting Phil-led outro jam, but if it stands out beyond the broken string interlude (and it does) it's because not a note is wasted and it makes for a unique entry into the great pantheon of '73 versions. I do know it should be at least in the 20s vote-wise.& as of this review it's at just a dozen.