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Fall 73



Dark Star
Feb. 23, 1968
Kings Beach Bowl

Dick's Picks 22 anyone?? 68 tone is honestly incredible, and this is a perfect example
China Cat Sunflower -> I Know You Rider
Feb. 14, 1970
Fillmore East

How is this not here?? Dicks picks 4... a classic primal china>rider no doubt.
Promised Land
May 26, 1972
Strand Lyceum

Grate version... listen carefully at the beginning you can hear Jerry yell "put your acid in!"


Dark Star
Sept. 10, 1974
Alexandra Palace

This is the most underrated dark star on this entire list. This is a top 5 all time ds. Take another listen people. It doesn't get anymore psychedelic than this. This is hands down the best DS of 74, and a top 3 all time version of the classic DS>dew combo. Dick picked it for a reason.
Playin' In The Band
Sept. 11, 1974
Alexandra Palace

This is some of the most psychedelic shit they ever played, period. If someone said to me this was the best playin jam ever, I couldn't argue with them.
Jack Straw
Oct. 20, 1984
Carrier Dome, Syracuse U

This is the most jacked up list (no pun intended) of best jack straws I've ever seen. Here are the actual best versions: 8/27/72, 10/18/72, 2/26/73, 10/19/73, 11/14/73, and 12/18/73. Late 70s and 80s versions haven't got shit on any of these.
Jack Straw
July 2, 1988
Oxford Plains Speedway

Hilarious! Just like 1/11/79, this jack straw couldn't light a candle to virtually any version from 72 and 73. The 77 versions are super overrated, but even those are better than this 80s version hahaha
Morning Dew
Oct. 19, 1973
Oklahoma City Fairgrounds Arena

This is the best dew of all time i think. The stanley from 9/27/72 is really exceptional but this one is just straight goods. Shits all over cornell.