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Fall 73



Dark Star
Feb. 23, 1968
Kings Beach Bowl

Dick's Picks 22 anyone?? 68 tone is honestly incredible, and this is a perfect example
China Cat Sunflower -> I Know You Rider
Feb. 14, 1970
Fillmore East

How is this not here?? Dicks picks 4... a classic primal china>rider no doubt.
Promised Land
May 26, 1972
Strand Lyceum

Grate version... listen carefully at the beginning you can hear Jerry yell "put your acid in!"


Playin' In The Band
Oct. 19, 1973
Oklahoma City Fairgrounds Arena

This is definitely one of if not my favorite version ever. Hard to say since there are so many good ones, but this one is outrageous! Balls to the walls intensity, flowing in and out of the theme. This is as psychedelic as psychedelic gets.
Eyes Of The World
Aug. 6, 1974
Roosevelt Stadium

I'm glad that this is the top version now. Although it's not quite my favorite (10/19/73), this one is really excellent. Definitely much better than 3/29/90.
Jack Straw
Jan. 22, 1978
McArthur Court, U of Oregon

This is so sloppy! What am I missing that other people are hearing? Billy and Mickey rush the shit out of this version with sloppy fills throughout the jams, the vocals are pretty poor, just an overall sloppy sound. Jerry plays fast and that’s about it. Definitely no vote from me. There’s like 50 versions from 72-73 that kill this version.
St. Stephen
Feb. 27, 1969
Fillmore West

Sorry y’all that 78 version isn’t even a speck of what this version is. No post pigpen version is going to come close to a 69 version, especially this one. Really surprised at all the votes for that Oregon version, it’s ok but it’s not even top 20.
Don't Ease Me In
Oct. 19, 1973
Oklahoma City Fairgrounds Arena

Gotta solidly disagree with Donnie here. This is indeed a killin version of this song, one of the best ever, but the whole show up to this point was a complete monster. Each song is played spectacularly, although the Tennessee Jed and LLR both stand out as potential best ever versions.