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Big River
June 26, 1974
Providence Civic Center

Outrageous version. Takes a second to get the mix dialed in, but man they blow the roof off. This has to be one of the best Wall of Sound shows.
Mexicali Blues
June 26, 1974
Providence Civic Center

My lord! This mexicali is insane!! If you doubt the power of the cowboy tunes listen to this Wall of Sound beauty!!!
Dark Star
Feb. 23, 1968
Kings Beach Bowl

Dick's Picks 22 anyone?? 68 tone is honestly incredible, and this is a perfect example
China Cat Sunflower -> I Know You Rider
Feb. 14, 1970
Fillmore East

How is this not here?? Dicks picks 4... a classic primal china>rider no doubt.
Promised Land
May 26, 1972
Strand Lyceum

Grate version... listen carefully at the beginning you can hear Jerry yell "put your acid in!"


Black Muddy River
April 2, 1990
The Omni

I would say that this is the best version, but Brent's vocals are like nails on a chalkboard on this one... still probably the most solid version overall, but Brent's vocals most definitely detract from this version, for me anyways.
Ramble On Rose
Nov. 11, 1973
Winterland Arena

Very glad to see this version ranked so highly... this is easily one the best versions of this song ever. Certainly far superior to the 7/7/89 version.
Not Fade Away
Sept. 10, 1974
Alexandra Palace

Absolutely destroys the Englishtown and Cornell versions. Garcia's phrasing and execution on this version is unmatched. Until I hear a better version, this is the gold standard.
Stella Blue
Sept. 10, 1974
Alexandra Palace

Best Stella Blue ever. There are one or two others from 73/74 that are up there with this one, but this one easily takes the cake. Utterly sublime.
Morning Dew
Sept. 10, 1974
Alexandra Palace

This version annihilates Cornell.