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Fall 73



Dark Star
Feb. 23, 1968
Kings Beach Bowl

Dick's Picks 22 anyone?? 68 tone is honestly incredible, and this is a perfect example
China Cat Sunflower -> I Know You Rider
Feb. 14, 1970
Fillmore East

How is this not here?? Dicks picks 4... a classic primal china>rider no doubt.
Promised Land
May 26, 1972
Strand Lyceum

Grate version... listen carefully at the beginning you can hear Jerry yell "put your acid in!"


Black Throated Wind
Sept. 21, 1972
The Spectrum

I strongly believe this is the best version of this song. BTW is possibly my favorite non-jammer tune, and this version is flawless.
Morning Dew
Sept. 21, 1972
The Spectrum

Coming out of the best dark star ever played, this Dew is one of the best ever versions; however, the version from a week later on 9/27 at the Stanley is the best they ever played.
Dark Star
Sept. 21, 1972
The Spectrum

This is my favorite Grateful Dead show of all time. Outstanding from everyone in the band, possibly Bobby's single finest performance. This Dark Star is the holy grail of dead jams, unsurpassed by anything I've ever heard. Veneta is amazing, but not anywhere close to this. The jamming up to the verse is just superb, tons of interaction from all members. Then it crashes into the dark abyss, and out comes the most beautiful MLB jam. They had never played the MLB jam like this before, they literally busted this out on a creative whim. Straight up magic, I can hardly make it through it without tearing up. Also possibly the best setlist I've ever seen, although 10/25/73 poses a strong counterargument. Front to back, this show is Jerry, Keith, Phil, Bobby and Billy at their finest. I'm taking this DP to the grave
Help On The Way > Slipknot > Franklin's Tower
June 14, 1976
Beacon Theatre

I personally think this is the best version of slipknot, jam is insane, almost reminiscent of 72-74 level jamming. The help and franklin's don't quite stack up though. 8/13/75 is the best of the whole combo
Eyes Of The World
Sept. 11, 1974
Alexandra Palace

Lol and the branford version is rated number 1? what a joke... 73-74 was the peak of eyes jams. This is a prime example