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Cryptical Envelopment
Oct. 13, 1968
Avalon Ballroom

From a painful whisper to pure lightening, an enveloping force of nature
Death Don't Have No Mercy
Oct. 13, 1968
Avalon Ballroom

Dark, moody, and soulful. A searing guitar solo, a purely haunted version. An evocation of the deep unharnessed power that controls the fatal cycle.
Turn On Your Love Light
Dec. 2, 1971
Boston Music Hall

Pulsing and free. Bill sounds like he has triple the arms. Pig sweats some blues, Garcia liquifies. Lock yourself in, strap up, and don't look back.
Dancin' in the Streets
June 3, 1976
Paramount Theatre

Churns, plays itself out, factor playing. Energetic, smooth as smooth.
Cryptical Envelopment
Dec. 29, 1968
Gulfstream Park Race Track

Peaks and melts in all kinds of directions


Me and My Uncle
Aug. 21, 1972
Berkeley Community Theater

Commenting twice on a version, means, I say it must be a very fine one, at least from how I see it. This Me and My Uncle is the primary article. Certainly one of the most melodic and energetically filled versions my ears have heard.
China Cat Sunflower -> I Know You Rider
Aug. 21, 1972
Berkeley Community Theater

Revisiting this gem of a show again. One of the best, hands down, perhaps favorite of all China Cat internal (before transition) solos, I've heard. It smokes into a driving transition not too long, but nevertheless coherent and smoking into a rider that does, I tell you, heat like a bolt of liquid fire on a strong, powerful current. For compact, tight, and quick China>Riders as they go, this one is pantheonic. Keith and Garcia but in this Weir too, this is the goods.
Black Throated Wind
Aug. 21, 1972
Berkeley Community Theater

Heater, Keith and everyone just on. Full of energy, for 72', for any year, this one is smoking.
Black Throated Wind
Sept. 17, 1972
Baltimore Civic Center

Weir in his vocal exuberance gives this an energetic flair and the fills are on cue and punchy. The group playing, also, is just tight, really.
Terrapin Station
Oct. 18, 1978
Winterland Arena

GeorgeWinters, always great to hear. And as they say (you know) "Just gotta poke around."