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young dog



June 25, 1992
Soldier Field

Phil's all over this one. Really urgent upbeat version.
Hell in a Bucket
Sept. 8, 1990

Great opener for Vince's second show. Jerry's solos are rippin' and Bob's possessed. Nice subtle work from Vinny.
Jack Straw
Jan. 15, 1979
Springfield Civic Center

Surprised this ain't here. Lyrically perfect (another Clive ad lib from Bobby) and Jerry kills the transition jam.
Promised Land
June 16, 1985
Greek Theater

Rocker to end set 1.
Looks Like Rain
June 16, 1985
Greek Theater

A beauty.


Looks Like Rain
Dec. 26, 1979
Oakland Auditorium

I know "LLR" gets a lot of hate for being schmaltzy and really, really bad lyrically, but this was the first Dead show I ever listened to in full and it was the song that most stood out to me. I had only known the psychedelic stuff with the weird lyrics and long jams, and didn't know they had simpler songs about more relatable human subjects. It opened my mind to seek out more angles of their music, so I'll always cherish this version.
Playin' In The Band
Oct. 31, 1991
Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum

Still nine votes somehow.
Nobody's Fault But Mine
Dec. 19, 1994
Sports Arena

Great version, Jerry digs deep into the lyrics. Lot of personal resonance probably. Between this and the intensely rendered "Days," a pretty dark, heavy show.
Jack Straw
July 13, 1994
Franklin County Airport

If the rest of the show were like this, it would be a classic. As ferocious as any.
Promised Land
Sept. 10, 1990
The Spectrum

Give Vince credit - he's terrific here. Rockin' version.