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young dog



Jack Straw
July 8, 1995
Soldier Field

This, "Saint" and of course "Visions" remarkably solid for 1995.
The Same Thing
May 26, 1995
Memorial Stadium

Jerry lays it down nice and smooth. Bob's animated and Vince is even great here. Last great show.
Ramble On Rose
Sept. 14, 1990
Madison Square Garden

Fun NYC version...9/20 is better, though.
Sugar Magnolia
Sept. 14, 1990
Madison Square Garden

Jerry and Bobby both shred this one. Great version.
Wharf Rat
Sept. 14, 1990
Madison Square Garden

Great version. The harmonies are quite good here.


Brown Eyed Women
June 17, 1991
Giants Stadium

Best post-Brent version by a huge margin, maybe even best of the 1990-95 era. Killer version, killer show. It's gonna rock on the big screen.
Standing On The Moon
Aug. 21, 1993
Autzen Stadium - University of Oregon

Yea, I still quibble with this being number one. One of the few I truly have a hard time justifying its case for.
He's Gone
Aug. 3, 1982
Starlight Theatre

That little Spanish style lick Jerry plays coming out of "Space" gets me every time. This one of the best versions of all time.
Playin' In The Band
Dec. 30, 1990
Coliseum Arena

This version is sinfully low; brilliant jamming on this one that plays more like a 1972 than a 1990 "Playin'" with Jerry and Phil right up front. Lots of different colors and moods. Bump this one up, Top 10 post-Godcheaux version.
Estimated Prophet
March 16, 1990
Capital Centre

Insane version. The mid-jam goes on and on and Bobby needs an exorcist.