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I LoVe jerryG



Help On The Way > Slipknot > Franklin's Tower
Dec. 8, 1989
Great Western Forum

its the West Coast retuRn of HeLp on the Way in quite some time...so. the 2nd set opened..and we Listened to the music play ♥
Pretty Peggy O
Aug. 1, 1994
The Palace

happy 52nd Jer Bear...I was high up...not in the usual phil zone..rather I decided to carve out an aisle high on jerryz side of the stage...it was an
Standing On The Moon
July 13, 1994
Franklin County Airport

simply..i can still see jerry eyes in mine..as jerry yellz.."I wanna be with you!"
Bird Song
June 16, 1994
Autzen Stadium

magic. youre floating in cloudz during this..his fingerz hit each noTe as percise and delicate as the teaRz that fall when u listen.ill YOU uSnow&Rain


Jack Straw
July 13, 1994
Franklin County Airport

So much goin on durin this Jstraw...awsome!
Standing On The Moon
Oct. 5, 1994
The Spectrum

Tearz are enevitable....
China Cat Sunflower -> I Know You Rider
Sept. 20, 1990
Madison Square Garden

Obviously...a shit ton of headz from the 70's here...becuz they never gave anything after '77 a chance!...this version crushez any from that era!..handz down! ...granted..theRe was an entirely different sound musically then...MIDI opened avenues of sound never before imaginable.and it gave classic tunez new wingz ...they fly to heights once thought unreachable.music that carved its own niche..had once again broken barriers into what can only be described as...magic
Stella Blue
Oct. 1, 1994
Boston Garden

Definetly deserves top spot....unbelievabLe dynamics and very emotional tune
Scarlet Begonias -> Fire On The Mountain
Oct. 14, 1994
Madison Square Garden

Longest ScarLet> FiRe eVer!