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Ramble On Rose
Dec. 8, 1973
Cameron Indoor Stadium, Duke U

A very tight version with great Phil bombs and Jerry solo. This show slips under the radar. Don't miss it.
Fire On The Mountain
April 24, 1978
Horton Field House - Illinois State University

Jerry's Mutron magic and Bobby's noodling slide make this version unique. So much energy here.
Drums -> Space
March 15, 1990
Capital Centre

The jam out of Terrapin>Drums>And>Space is a lysergic MIDI soup of ecstasy. Too bad it had to go into Brent's cheesy lullaby after instead of a Wheel
Estimated Prophet
Aug. 20, 1983
Frost Amphitheatre

A raging '83 version, filled with crispy headiness. Bobby and Jerry steal faces during the end jam.
They Love Each Other
March 19, 1977
Winterland Arena

Flawless execution. Perfect Keith solo and Garcia performance. A definitive '77 version.


Nov. 14, 1973
San Diego International Sports Arena

Jerry just keeps pushing the jams here. Very interesting and unique Truckin'>Other One.
China Cat Sunflower -> I Know You Rider
Dec. 8, 1973
Cameron Indoor Stadium, Duke U

This version is played at a slightly different tempo, and Bobby makes some little changes to his solo. Very tight and peppy performance. This whole show is under the radar, with some intense second set playing.
Scarlet Begonias -> Fire On The Mountain
March 23, 1995
Charlotte Coliseum

Bruce and Vince really drive this.
Wharf Rat
Dec. 28, 1978
Golden Hall, Community Concourse

Also the performance where Jerry yells "QUIET" to Keith when he's banging away on the piano during the "but I'll get back" bridge.
Dancin' in the Streets
June 9, 1976
Boston Music Hall

Fall into the Phil Zone.