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Tough Critic



Help On The Way > Slipknot > Franklin's Tower
Sept. 2, 1983
Boise Pavilion - Boise State University

This Slipknot jam is a MONSTER (go directly to jam). Listen to Phil and Jerry communicate and battle. Results in new heights previously unheard of!
Brown Eyed Women
Aug. 24, 1980
Grand Center

This is THE KILLER BEW! High energy, INSANE Jerry licks in solo, blazes into Jerry screaming "Delilah Jones was the mother of twins!"
Dec. 14, 1980
Long Beach Arena

How this is not considered the best Loser I'll never know. Absolutely insane Jerry solo ending with an EXPLOSION into "Last fair deal..."
Dec. 14, 1980
Long Beach Arena

Perfect pace and groove. Super hot ending jam starting by blasting the main lick full band full force. Awesome Jerry licks to complete.


Nov. 17, 1972
Century II Convention Hall

What is this one doing all the way down here? This is an outstanding, high energy truckin. Check out jerry DESTROYING as he enters the jam. Tons of great Phil to go around. Fantastic transition into the other one. Should be much much higher. Go check it out if you're a truckin fan
Dancin' in the Streets
Nov. 9, 1979
Memorial Auditorium

What the hell is this one doing down here? Did people forget to vote for this one? 1979 is far from my favorite year for the dead, but this is outstanding. Great recording on Road Trips Vol 1 Num 1. The transition to Franklin's is well deserving of the hype (outstanding) but I'd be just as shocked to see it down here without it.
Cold Rain and Snow
Oct. 4, 1970
Winterland Arena

I think the cousinit Soundboard 10/4/70 is the best recording (I like it better than the 12/17/70). The cousinit 10/4/70 has a little more of a boost for Phil - he is absolutely destroying on it. Still, the 12/17/70 is great (a little more emphasis on the drums and Jerry, which is certainly nice). Regardless, this is arguably the best CR&S. I put it as a close 2nd to 4/29/71.
Cold Rain and Snow
Dec. 17, 1970
The Matrix

I fell in love with this version from the cousinit Soundboard 10/4/70. I definitely like the "12/17/70" recording WAY better than the "Live Concert 10/4/70" recordings. Take the 12/17/70 recording and give Phil a healthy boost - you have the cousinit Soundboard 10/4/70. Phil is destroying on it - I love it. I put this CR&S as a close 2nd to 4/29/71. Check out the cousinit Soundboard 10/4/70 as a quick comparison to the 12/17/70.
Dark Star
June 14, 1969
Monterey Performing Arts Center

What constitutes a juggernaut? Length? FUCK THAT. I'm going to say something incredibly unpopular about DS - 2/13/70 is stupidly overrated. To me, it's long and boring. If you're into that kind of thing, you'll love it. Just like "augusteast" said, this 6/14/69 DS is agressive and exciting. Sounds like Jerry, Phil, and Mickey are out to kill someone. Extremely intense and fiery! The mind-blowing peak around 9:35 sets the tone for the intensely engergetic psychedelic jamming that lies ahead. For a wild ride, do this DS. If you want a DS that’s twice as long and puts you to sleep, go to 2/13/70.