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March 24, 1990
Knickerbocker Arena

How on earth is this not known?!?! EPIC!!!!!
Drums -> Space
Oct. 27, 1979
Cape Cod Coliseum

Following one of the most powerful versions of The Other One ever, this Drums is on par with the rest of the best show of 1979. The goods!


Victim Or The Crime
June 27, 1995
The Palace

I don't think this version gets nearly enough recognition as it should. It's the final tour of the Grateful Dead. The body of the song itself is on the darker side of Victim darkness. Nice Phil on the boomy aud version. But the jewel of this version is the jam in between Victim and Foolish. This is some of the best improvisation work from the band - period. The interplay between Jerry and the rest of the band is magical. The idea of "segueing" from one song to another has always been one of many unique aspects about the Grateful Dead. They pioneered what we now know as improvisational song transitioning. The way that Jerry dances on the line between Victim and Foolish, between dark and light, is truly inspired. That transitioning thing is in its rawest, purest form here. This is not your typical 1995 effort. Give it a good, loud, focused listen and hopefully you'll hear what I'm hearing! Also, the Foolish Heart is among the BOAT versions. KILLER jamming!
Looks Like Rain
May 13, 1977
Auditorium Theatre

Beautiful!!! Also see 5/5/77
Looks Like Rain
May 19, 1977
Fox Theatre

5/5/77 trumps all other fall 7$ versions, imo
Here Comes Sunshine
May 26, 1993
Cal Expo

For latter day versions, check out 6/6/93, 3/24/93, 8/21/93, and 3/30/94
Here Comes Sunshine
June 6, 1993
Giants Stadium

I attended this show. This overlooked version and show is fantastic. Jerry hits all the words and plays beautifully. Definitely in the top three versions of the 90s HCS.