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Days Between
March 27, 1995
The Omni

Raw, ragged, savage, pretty darn profound. Almost a Close Encounter out of Space... Always a gorgeous work in progress... Not the best, but....
Row Jimmy
Nov. 10, 1985
Meadowlands Arena

For sentimental reasons: Maybe not the best, but nice extended out-row jam, overall well-played '80s


Dark Star
April 8, 1972
Wembley Empire Pool

The surge into Sugar Mags is mighty, the jam leading to it is gorgeous... marries Dark Star-Sugar Mags as tight as any Scarlet-Fire or China-Rider... the Sugar Mags into Caution makes it as great a trio as any Help-Slip-Franklins.... This whole Dark Star is full of mountains and valleys and space and roaring heavy metal thunder and gorgeous jams.... Maybe....
The Other One
May 2, 1970
Harpur College

Straight into the Cryptical which is magnificent Primal Jerry!! Another reason why this is one of the best shows ever....
So Many Roads
March 27, 1995
The Omni

Great for 95. Jerry's voice goes someplace strange and brutal, a place we've never heard before.... crazy weird moment in a kind of a crazy weird show, flows nicely into a robust Let it Grow... Earlier Sugaree has great potential and then falls apart so oddly... weird five song first set...Second set has a sweet Days Between leading to a nice Sugar Mags-Fought the Law.... Goes to show even the "not-so-great shows" had a lot to offer.... Jerry was dying before our eyes, but still playing for his life...
China Cat Sunflower -> I Know You Rider
June 26, 1974
Providence Civic Center

Yeah. Probably the best. Never ever grow tired of it, that's for sure.....
China Cat Sunflower -> I Know You Rider
Sept. 20, 1990
Madison Square Garden

Bruce makes this the best of the 90's, from one of their best Garden runs ever.