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colorado guy



Love in the Afternoon
March 18, 1978
Warner theatre

So good...Donna and Maria cooing while Garcia just fills perfectly
Touch of Grey
Oct. 14, 1988
Miami Arena

Why we love this band. Every little new nuance in each version. Love the way Garcia sings, "Oh well the Touch of Grey.." and the way he pronounces it.
Dec. 31, 1972
Winterland Arena

Trippy underwater solo like the 2/24/73 version. Only a couple months away and the resurrection of this tune starting up.
Row Jimmy
April 9, 1987
UIC Pavilion

About as fine as a version you'll get. This one is absolutely soaring. 3/20/77 second solo like. I mean just listen. It's inspired big time!
Man Smart, Woman Smarter
July 28, 1982
Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Put's you right there https://archive.org/details/gd1982-07-28.138613.beyerm201.holbrook.flac2448/gd1982-07-28beyerm201.24s2t01.flac


Terrapin Station
Feb. 26, 1977
Swing Auditorium

While this is good and monumental (being the first time played) I don't think it is far and away the best version. It's tightly worked out but doesn't have the "liveness" to it yet if that makes sense.
Good Lovin'
Nov. 8, 1970
Capitol Theater

Holy Fuck! The energy in this one. Post drums...HOT DAMN! If Soundbord existed for this one it would be numero uno. Hands down...the Ken and Judy Lee version is the one to sample. MAN!!!
Sugar Magnolia
Feb. 19, 1973
International Amphitheatre

Wharf Rat
May 19, 1974
Portland Memorial Coliseum

F@ck Yeah!!!
Turn On Your Love Light
Dec. 29, 1968
Gulfstream Park Race Track

This show is in your face. Garcia's leads are screaming throughout the whole gig. This is what heavy metal was before heavy metal. He attacks the audience.