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colorado guy



Mission in the Rain
March 17, 1978
Capitol Theatre

Garcia Band- Garcia sings from deep within on this one. He's telling his life story...
I'll Take A Melody
Dec. 6, 1977
The Dome

JGB- Love Garcia's vocals on this! Hint of spring tour '78
Rhapsody In Red
March 17, 1978
Capitol Theatre

JGB- Shredding!!!
June 18, 1978

JGB- SOULFUL! Old testament shit! Fire and brimstone...
Sitting In Limbo
April 3, 1976
Lisner Auditorium

I'm throwing in Garcia Band. Best show of '76! This version transcends.


Feb. 14, 1968
Carousel Ballroom

Only drawback to this one is super quiet Pig vocals.
Dancin' in the Streets
April 15, 1970
Winterland Arena

Am I not correct in saying that 30 trips has the complete show of this night?
Row Jimmy
March 20, 1977
Winterland Arena

You know I was listening to this again (can never get enough) and was thinking, usually Garcia would go slide on the solos on '77. I think most had them if I'm not mistaken. Wonder if he went for the slide and dropped it or it wasn't there and he was just like "F' it....going big then" Feel like when there was a technical difficulty he made it shine and brought a little more oomph.
Row Jimmy
April 9, 1987
UIC Pavilion

Hey Grendel just downloaded Charlie's latest version of this off shnflac.net That is the most clean version yet. When I was reviewing this I was a Wana Gummy deep and listening on headphones. Must have been the mood or whatever. While nothing touches that second solo on 3/20 for a later day RJ this one is goooood. Be curious as to what you think. As always we are constantly "searching for the sound". Right?
The Eleven
April 24, 1970
Mammoth Gardens

If this was in better quality it would be safe to say that this one would be on top of this list.