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Weirs Jort Army



Drums -> Space
July 4, 1989
Rich Stadium

An inspired drums segment from the Devils and a serviceable space segment. Worth the spin
Crazy Fingers
June 16, 1991
Giants Stadium

Perfect full band gelling in a dramatic end jam portion, leading effortlessly into China > Rider
Greatest Story Ever Told
July 12, 1987
Giants Stadium

Why the dead chose to neuter the peak jam inherent in early incarnations of this song is one of the most perplexing mysteries ever. This is crisp tho
Black Peter
June 6, 1991
Deer Creek Music Center

This hit me perfectly. Well paced, lyrically nailed the poignancy, peak was driven. Nice late-era Peter
Stella Blue
July 12, 1987
Giants Stadium

I was surprised to look back and see how relatively short this version was, because it had wonderful pace and the punch was ferocious.


May 9, 1977
War Memorial

The mini jam in this one is a hot little potato. Jerry fluttering over the frets like a hummingbird.
Samson and Delilah
April 20, 1984
Philadelphia Civic Center

I'm usually not a big Samson fan, but this one has some serious muscle. Force of an elbow drop from the top ropes. High energy!
Wharf Rat
April 19, 1984
Philadelphia Civic Center

This Wheel > Wharf segment added to the recent DP is gold. Spinning a lot. Fantastic version
The Wheel
April 19, 1984
Philadelphia Civic Center

Beautiful, flowing version that segues effortlessly into a great Wharf
China Cat Sunflower
April 26, 1969
The Electric Theatre

Slammer of a stand-alone Cat. Jerry and Phil ripping it