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Weirs Jort Army



Feel Like A Stranger
May 12, 1980
Boston Garden

The 'butt sweat' meter is off the charts for this. Great Brent work and killer peak
Feel Like A Stranger
March 31, 1984
Marin County Civic Center

Funky stuff. Jerry makes some excellent licks and Brent has fine supporting contributions. Heady, for sure
Friend of the Devil
Sept. 24, 1972
Palace Theatre

I really dig this version. Bouncy and understated. Bobby and Keith with excellent supportive rhythmic contributions. Jerry with country twang vocals
Let It Grow
April 15, 1978
William and Mary College Hall

End jam is very dense and thick. Very strong effort with great backing from the rhythm devils
China Cat Sunflower -> I Know You Rider
March 26, 1987
Hartford Civic Center

Hot, compact ChinaCat jam, but the highlight is Jerry hammering the "headlight" lyric in Rider. Gave me chills (as most similar later versions do)


He's Gone
Dec. 28, 1990
Coliseum Arena

This exemplifies why i come to this site. Jam is spot on. Beautiful vocals, bluesy filthy guitar, then a hypnotic guitar/piano jam to close. Very choice and up vote for sure!
Looks Like Rain
May 17, 1977
Memorial Coliseum

Keith is the hands down MVP of this version, hitting a cascade of tinkling ivories. Very, very heady!
Aiko Aiko
April 11, 1978
Fox Theatre

Band is having a ton of fun with this version, nearly shouting the lyrics. Super slinky, rollicking tempo. Very choice
April 7, 1978
The Sportatorium

Dap on this one, Jerry definitely takes his time and climbs to goodness in this.
Scarlet Begonias -> Fire On The Mountain
April 11, 1978
Fox Theatre

Firstly, WOW. Great, great S>F. Definitely needs more upvotes. As many mention, the wind up at the close of Fire is tremendous - raw energy, boys are locked, cocked, and rocking. But, preceding this is a delicate, well crafted Scarlett, which deserves dap. Several times the jam is brought to a whisper. Very purposeful, thoughtful version. All around, incredibly strong S>F and begs further attention