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Weirs Jort Army



Jack Straw
May 17, 1974
P.N.E. Coliseum

Show starts out a bit rough - tech issues, energy, song selection. Boys seem to come alive here, with some nice Jerry leads and Keith fills
June 13, 1980
Seattle Center Coliseum

Perfect tone, swells, and peaks. This soars
Feel Like A Stranger
June 14, 1980
Spokane Coliseum

INCREDIBLY slinky. Excellent action Brent-side on this.
Big Railroad Blues
June 14, 1980
Spokane Coliseum

Brent and Jerry trade smoking solos, then mesh at the final end jam. Choice
Throwing Stones
Sept. 17, 1982
Cumberland County Civic Center

Early, beta version of the track, the (albeit brief) jam in this is strong


He's Gone
June 7, 1977
Winterland Arena

This jam cranks. Jerry and the drummers pulling together a nice wind up to the peak.
Easy To Love You
March 22, 1990
Copps Coliseum

It's so cheesy to love you... This song is 80s yacht rock. Well played for what it is, but the song itself is flat out bad. Feels like a wasted spot on an otherwise rock solid Spring '90 release
Feel Like A Stranger
March 22, 1990
Copps Coliseum

Silky silky, crazy crazy tight. Thickness
March 24, 1990
Knickerbocker Arena

Un-fuck-wittable. Finally pulled the trigger on Spring '90 vinyl and this specimen of beauty shines BRIGHT. My favorite.
China Doll
March 30, 1990
Nassau Coliseum

Agree with comments above. This one is melodic and savory, with Brent nailing some great runs in the end segment