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millennial head



He's Gone
July 28, 1973
Grand Prix Racecourse

Don't let sound quality issues prevent you from hearing this. As fresh and crisp as any of the other fine He's Gones from spring and summer.
July 28, 1973
Grand Prix Racecourse

They end up running through the “solo” section twice. Both times are as hot as you would expect for ’73.
They Love Each Other
Sept. 2, 1979
Augusta Civic Center

Brent goes funky with his solo, then Jerry goes lyrical.
Drums -> Space
Sept. 2, 1979
Augusta Civic Center

What sounds like a momentary Let It Grow tease in Space, if you’re listening for something in particular. Powerful and pure Grateful Dead.
Me and My Uncle
Sept. 14, 1978
Sphinx Theatre

Carries forward the energy and vibe of the preceding Ollin>NFA. Kind of mesmerizing.


Oct. 22, 1983
Carrier Dome, Syracuse U

This is an amazing, symphonic Space with a beautiful sense of movement. Highly recommended.
Shakedown Street
March 24, 1981
Rainbow Theater

Jerry's playing is really hot by the end of this extended jam. Recommended.
Weather Report Suite
Oct. 21, 1973
Omaha Civic Auditorium

Let It Grow jam builds to a wicked Caution-like inferno. Ridiculously good.
Let It Grow
July 6, 1984
Alpine Valley Music Theatre

Relentless, exploratory, and smokin’ hot.
Not Fade Away
June 4, 1977
The Forum

Today I learned that, at double speed, NFA can sound like the insanely jammed-out Minglewood that never was. Check out this version to hear what I mean. Brilliant show all around, and the AUD is pretty excellent!