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Shakedown Lover



Aug. 21, 1993
Autzen Stadium - University of Oregon

Particularly passionate vocal work by Bob and the boys. Jamming strong as well. Barn burner status? Possibly.
Foolish Heart
Dec. 9, 1989
Great Western LA Forum

Big jam before the first 'bake your bread' line is heady as fuck, and transition seamless; cool album version percussion too.
Shakedown Street
Dec. 6, 1989
Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum

Surprised this isn't here! Liftoff from the first chord! WOO!
One More Saturday Night
Jan. 14, 1978
Bakersfield Memorial Auditorium

a ROCKER! SCORCHER! Eyes > NFA > OMSN hits the sweet spot in this show!
Hell in a Bucket
April 15, 1988

Takes flight during the final jam!


Sept. 10, 1991
Madison Square Garden

this needs to have way more upvotes........Branford and Bruce really push this one into boogie territory. GET DOWN!
Dark Star
Nov. 7, 1969
Fillmore Auditorium

Mountain Uncle John's Band Jam?
The Other One
March 22, 1973
Utica Memorial Auditorium

Is this March 73 or Europe 72?! At one point, it almost becomes Stella and then comes ROARING back. This is one of the best! Definitely needs more upvotes. And a release. That drop into Eyes is so sublime, it brought a smile to my stolen face.
Not Fade Away
Jan. 14, 1978
Bakersfield Memorial Auditorium

This version is a ROCKER! SCORCHER! Check it out! Eyes > NFA > OMSN!
Eyes Of The World
Jan. 14, 1978
Bakersfield Memorial Auditorium

Check out the post-Eyes-jam Jerry jam. And the NFA is no slouch either!