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Bird Song
Dec. 26, 1981
Oakland Auditorium

Whoa! This one somehow slipped through the cracks - A hidden gem for sure!
Jack Straw
Oct. 31, 1980
Radio City Music Hall

Opens the first electric set from the last (and best) show from the 8 night run at NYC's Radio City Music Hall. Its nomination is long overdue!
Eyes Of The World
Oct. 17, 1978
Winterland Arena

This should be on the map. Follow it to find the treasure!
Me and My Uncle
June 8, 1974
Coliseum Stadium

Alert! This one not a throw-away. The best one of '74, no foolin'. Played with a perfect balance of gusto, gumption & grit.
Promised Land
March 16, 1973
Nassau Coliseum

A charged version that starts off a triple-thread run for this massive second set.


Bird Song
Sept. 15, 1972
Boston Music Hall

^^^ Ditto to all that's said above. It's among the very best of 1972; a sibling of 8/27, 9/27 & 11/17! This is in dire need of a serious up-vote. I also feel obliged to say that it's superior to the 9/21 version, that of course has the advantage of being officially released.
Bird Song
Sept. 24, 1972
Palace Theatre

Indeed, this period is an embarrassment of riches for many songs; Dark Star, Other One, Playin', Bird Song. This Bird flies with beauty and conviction. There's several extraordinary performances from the period: 9/15, 9/17, 9/27, 11/19 and 11/17 (my favorite). This night belongs in that company, I think. Cheers for the friendly reminder about this one; now it's time to revisit the Playin' and Dark Star->drums->dark star jam->China Cat Sunflower->I know You Rider from this show. Epic!
Here Comes Sunshine
Nov. 21, 1973
Denver Coliseum

Besides the notable exception of 2/15/73, I don't think any of the spring/summer versions can hold a candle to the ones of the late fall and the sole performance of 2/23/74. That said, they're still not without merit. Have you heard 5/26/73? To me, that version is kinda like the little brother of 11/21/73 (although not as good) for that dreamy, psychedelic timbre vibe. I'll forever wonder how much further the song could've ventured had they not dropped it from rotation, alas! But again, better that way then a gradual downward fizzle. Like ol' Neil said: "It's better to burn out than to fade away"...
Here Comes Sunshine
Nov. 21, 1973
Denver Coliseum

It's a travesty they dropped the song when it was really peaking, but in a way that only adds to the allure - we hold these few truly spectacular versions dear, don't we? It's also a mystery as to why they dropped Bird Song in mid '73 (another favorite of mine), but that's a discussion for another time. Tonights version of HCS is a stellar version; it channels a dreamy, heady, psychedelic cadence that fits the bill for those chasing that mood. As a long time devoted fan of 1973 and this particular tune, I can only say that I think the top rated versions deserve their place in their present holdings (I would change the running order, however). I have a soft spot for 2/15/73 b/c it's razor sharp and note-perfect, but it doesn't go the distance that the best one's do, namely 2/23/74, 11/17/73, 12/19/73, 12/6/73 and 11/30/73.
Blow Away
Aug. 27, 1972
Old Renaissance Faire Grounds

8/27/72 was indeed great.