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thunder mtn



Oct. 10, 1976
Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum

The previous night's version was tasty, but this one is delicious. The nomination for this one is long overdue. The whole show is quintessential '76
Bird Song
Dec. 26, 1981
Oakland Auditorium

Whoa! This one somehow slipped through the cracks - A hidden gem for sure!
Jack Straw
Oct. 31, 1980
Radio City Music Hall

Opens the first electric set from the last (and best) show from the 8 night run at NYC's Radio City Music Hall. Its nomination is long overdue!
Eyes Of The World
Oct. 17, 1978
Winterland Arena

This should be on the map. Follow it to find the treasure!
Me and My Uncle
June 8, 1974
Coliseum Stadium

Alert! This one not a throw-away. The best one of '74, no foolin'. Played with a perfect balance of gusto, gumption & grit.


Big River
June 4, 1976
Paramount Theatre

^I love '76! This version is pretty stellar, indeed. I'd place it in good company w/ 6/14, 7/17 & 9/28 for the year. Thanks for pointing this one out - I had passed it over all these years. No longer.
June 9, 1976
Boston Music Hall

A lush, delicate version. The Cassidy's of this period are shorter than the readings to come over the next couple years, but in this stage it's sweet and beautifully crafted. A fine vintage.
Brokedown Palace
June 25, 1995
RFK Stadium

^ Right on, brother! "Listen to the river sing sweet songs"...
Brokedown Palace
June 25, 1995
RFK Stadium

^Well said, 'Grendal'. I think Brokedown is one that will carry on through the ages, a true American hymn that fires the spirit and tugs at the heart strings. This song is one that arguably sounded better with age; a bit more season and wisdom in the voices only enhances the emotive feeling. It haunts and soothes... R.I.P. Robert Hunter.
Help On The Way > Slipknot > Franklin's Tower
Sept. 24, 1976
William and Mary College Hall

Couldn't agree more with the above comments. I still think 8/13/75 is the gold standard for Slipknot in terms of precision, but the Slipknots of '76 are spellbinding for their daring and unbridled spirit for musical exploration.