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thunder mtn



Jack Straw
Oct. 31, 1980
Radio City Music Hall

Opens the first electric set from the last (and best) show from the 8 night run at NYC's Radio City Music Hall. Its nomination is long overdue!
Eyes Of The World
Oct. 17, 1978
Winterland Arena

This should be on the map. Follow it to find the treasure!
Me and My Uncle
June 8, 1974
Coliseum Stadium

Alert! This one not a throw-away. The best one of '74, no foolin'. Played with a perfect balance of gusto, gumption & grit.
Promised Land
March 16, 1973
Nassau Coliseum

A charged version that starts off a triple-thread run for this massive second set.
May 10, 1978
Veterans' Memorial Coliseum

This deserves to be on the map!


Playin' In The Band
Sept. 9, 1972
Hollywood Palladium

Lives up to the expectation. A smashing read.
Playin' In The Band
Sept. 15, 1972
Boston Music Hall

I can't hardly say enough about this one. Seems to me this version - this show actually - has been somewhat lost in the shuffle in a period where the Dead were breaking ground with each passing show. Don't pas this one up! This Playin' belts with urgency at times, and Jerry in particular plays as if he's got something to prove; just flurry after flurry of downright dirty, nimble licks that hang with the very best of the period (8/27 & 11/18 come to mind). To neglect this one is committing a disservice to yourself (and to the betterment of our musical civilization)!
Bo Diddley
Aug. 22, 1972
Berkeley Community Theatre

Not Fade Away
Aug. 22, 1972
Berkeley Community Theatre

Should be ranked higher. The N.F.A->G.D.T.R.F.B->Hey Bo Diddley->N.F.A. combo is top shelf.
The Other One
Aug. 22, 1972
Berkeley Community Theatre

Phil leaves his tire tracks all over you back on this whopper. What a week this was in Grateful Dead history!