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like water deep



Drums -> Space
June 28, 1985
Hershey Park Stadium

The Beam!!! Downright scary, feels like I'm on acid when I listen...
Its All Over Now
Sept. 20, 1990
Madison Square Garden

This one rips!!! The point where the show really takes off. Even Vince gets in a great "organ" solo.
Big Railroad Blues
April 7, 1988
The Centrum

Towards the end of Jerry's last solo he rips into a second go around - blazing!
Cold Rain and Snow
Dec. 31, 1987
Oakland Coliseum Arena

A solid version with kickin' drums 3rd song into the show after a hot Bertha>Promised opener


West L.A. Fadeaway
July 26, 1987
Anaheim Stadium

My first show, went with seasoned Heads who got me really high. One of many epiphanies i had this day was the meaning of "little red light on the highway, big green light on the speedway" but I forgot what I realized the next day and have never been able to recall since! "When is the next show???!!!"
Touch of Grey
March 23, 1987
Hampton Coliseum

First East Coast tour after Jerry's coma made everybody extra grateful to be at a Dead show and made the line "we will survive" even more poignant. Triumphant meaningful version that is a great example of the symbiosis between crowd and band, damn shame all the "SBD"s from this tour are really just poorer quality AUD recorded by the soundboard.
Lost Sailor -> Saint of Circumstance
Oct. 10, 1982
Frost Amphitheatre

Best peaking crescendo of any Saint I've heard, Jerry is blisteringly fast, builds and builds til it explodes,
Bird Song
June 22, 1973
Pacific Coliseum

That "thing" is a thing of beauty called a Fender Rhodes and Keith's playing of it is half of what makes this Bird Song so great, IMO! Hard to believe someone doesn't like it but different strokes for different folks. Plenty of versions without a Fender Rhodes for them.
Bird Song
June 22, 1973
Pacific Coliseum

I totally dig the electric piano sound Keith is using on this one.