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The Music Never Stopped
March 18, 1994
Rosemont Horizon

HEADY outro jam with all members contributing. Great barroom keys from Vince and some speedy playing from Jer. Basically unknown show, great 1st set!
Sept. 12, 1990
The Spectrum

Beautiful rendition of Handsome Cabin Boy/Two Soldiers lasting over 3 minutes in the middle
The Music Never Stopped
March 23, 1992
The Palace

Truly proves there was some magic on every tour. The outro jam is unreal hot, with Jerry, Vince, and Bruce battling it out. Crazy stuff here!
Playin' In The Band
Oct. 6, 1984
Richmond Coliseum

Awesome focused jam and beautiful meltdown outro
Aiko Aiko
June 6, 1992
Rich Stadium

Jerry gets really into it in the second half. Not lifechanging, but fun


Playin' In The Band
April 19, 1986
Berkeley Community Theater

Fantastic version. The band always had a truly heady playin every couple years in the 80s. This one might be the best, along with 7/29/88
Comes A Time
June 20, 1986
Greek Theatre, U. Of California

Truly great version. All of the 86 ones are fantastic. Awesome mid solo here with a nice fast run from Jerry to cap it off
The Music Never Stopped
March 18, 1994
Rosemont Horizon

That review is a nice example of why archive.org is still far superior to relisten IMO. comments like that are fantastic. There's a great comment from some guy who had an out of body experience on the 6/20/92 show that I can't recommend highly enough https://archive.org/details/gd92-06-20.dsbd.gardner.2207.sbefail.shnf
Scarlet Begonias -> Fire On The Mountain
June 13, 1994
Memorial Stadium

This one is just okay, in my opinion. Nice jam at the end that is quite reminiscent of the buildup in 10/14/94, but it doesn't reach the same heights. I would say as far as summer 94 goes, 6/19 is the version. This one is competently played but no more.
Feel Like A Stranger
Oct. 12, 1984
Augusta Civic Center

Hey Professor: definitely an accurate assumption I'd say. Unfortunate that this happens across this site and we get top-tier versions languishing. Thankfully, this one's pretty well known at this point which is a blessing. head and shoulders above any other version.