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Jack Straw
Dec. 10, 1989
Meadowlands Arena

Jack Straw -> China -> Rider in 1989. Great buildup to final verse into a classic combo. Bruce Hornsby adds an extra layer, the stuff of dreams
Sugar Magnolia
May 9, 1979
Broome County Arena

After a killer Wharf Rat, the boys false-start Around and Around three times before ripping into this great Sugar Mag. Who ever needed a face anyway?
Saint of Circumstance
July 8, 1995
Soldier Field

A triumphant, and surprisingly well-played version, given the date. Sure don't know...
July 9, 1989
Giants Stadium

Real heady summer '89 Truckin', great vocals and powerful playing, what else to say except hot!
Desolation Row
Sept. 18, 1990
Madison Square Garden

One of the best, strong delivery from Bobby, great guitar work from both


Stella Blue
May 15, 1983
Greek Theatre - University of California

scorching take that shoots for the fences, stunning outro that gets some great fanning, reminding me of 10/21/78
Eyes Of The World
Aug. 10, 1982
Iowa Fieldhouse - University of Iowa

This whole show has it. So many gems sprinkled throughout the 80's, love stumbling upon them, there really seems to be a lot of uncharted territory very worthy of exploring. Very lucky for this site and its users
Eyes Of The World
Aug. 10, 1982
Iowa Fieldhouse - University of Iowa

I scoffed the at the idea of an Eyes from the 80's being a well jammed beast, especially when thinking of the near perfect '73-'78 versions, but its hard to scoff without a face! Always loved '82 Dead, even songs out of their prime era were scorching, definitely give this one a chance, it does not let up.
Stagger Lee
July 1, 1985
Merriweather Post Pavilion

Jerry sings the last verse twice, with the penultimate verse sandwiched between. An blatant mistake helped save and make this a truly unique version. Even a vocal reprise at the end. If not great, at least special
Wang Dang Doodle
Sept. 11, 1983
Downs of Santa Fe

Wicked Wang Dang Doodle Dew