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silver and life



Saint of Circumstance
July 8, 1995
Soldier Field

A triumphant, and surprisingly well-played version, given the date. Sure don't know...
July 9, 1989
Giants Stadium

Real heady summer '89 Truckin', great vocals and powerful playing, what else to say except hot!
Desolation Row
Sept. 18, 1990
Madison Square Garden

One of the best, strong delivery from Bobby, great guitar work from both


Far From Me
July 12, 1989
RFK Stadium

Love the lyrics to this song and Brent fucking nails it. Whole band too. Too many slow or non-emotional versions of this song, but this one scorches in every way, love it
China Doll
Oct. 11, 1983
Madison Square Garden

Can't believe this has eluded all this time. I always believed in a version that tops 5/19/77 but nothing... except this beautifully jammed masterpiece. A little faster than '77 versions, but the outro is a beautiful monster. Not even to mention the jam before the song too
Pretty Peggy O
April 14, 1978
Cassell Coliseum - Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

What a version, don't think I've heard a better one than this, the way Jerry cools down for a bit at the end of the solo... Jerry didn't have to go off like that but I'm glad we get this treasure
Oct. 1, 1994
Boston Garden

Jerry flubs the third ('went to the well') verse, but goes back tries it again, getting it right. Not perfect but a unique take on one of my favorite later tunes
April 12, 1978
Cameron Indoor Stadium

Complete monster, builds and builds, Top 5 for sure