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Bird Song
Sept. 30, 1980
Warfield Theatre

Incredible acoustic version. Jerry goes OFF in this jam
Mama Tried
Oct. 31, 1970
School Gymnasium, S.U.N.Y.

Halloween psychedelia
The Eleven
June 27, 1969
Veterans Auditorium

Jerry's chromatics liquified my face. Total acid-drenched mindmeld.
Morning Dew
Aug. 30, 1969
Family Dog at the Great Highway

Gorgeously haunting.
Doin' That Rag
Aug. 30, 1969
Family Dog at the Great Highway

So thoughtful. It's got that haunting swagger.


Jack Straw
Dec. 31, 1984
SF Civic

Hell yeah Brent! A damn good version.
Bird Song
Sept. 30, 1980
Warfield Theatre

Such a dank version. It's got an effortless shuffling swagger to it that, at certain fleeting moments, almost seems to exude/forecast R&B trip-hop vibes of the mid-90's. Jerry and the boys are so immersed in this jam, and the crowd is going nuts. One hell of a long applause at the end. The middle part of the jam is a perfect example of Jerry always knowing exactly what your mind needs, then promptly proceeding to dose it with megawatts of raw, surgically-precise, liquid lightning-bolt energy delivered straight to the synapses. All with an acoustic guitar.
Feel Like A Stranger
March 9, 1981
Madison Square Garden

That ominous intro jam always melts my brain so quickly. Crackling with high-voltage '81 energy.
Hard to Handle
Dec. 28, 1969
International Speedway

Crazy panflute-sounding organ noises at the end! Nuts!
Good Lovin'
April 25, 1971
Fillmore East

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