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Houston Head



Sept. 25, 1991
Boston Garden

Fun and thunderous, this version has some great grooves.
Queen Jane Approximately
Sept. 16, 1990
Madison Square Garden

Clean and confident reading with lots of personality from Phil and Vince.


Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
Aug. 24, 1968
Shrine Auditorium

There's this moment where Jerry's guitar and Pigpen's harmonica are in almost perfect sync. It's a fire version all the way, but that alone makes this one worth a vote.
Shakedown Street
May 7, 1980
Barton Hall - Cornell University

How is this version not more popular? Phil is absolutely on fire and the final jam is funkin' nasty. Supremely underrated.
May 5, 1977
New Haven Coliseum

I normally find '77 Berthas kind of dull; not this one. In this reading, the slower tempo lends the song a powerful groove made all the better by a strong vocal performance, great group interplay, and fiery solos. A great second set opener and a strong contender for the best Bertha of the post-hiatus portion of the Keith & Donna era.
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
Feb. 24, 1968
Kings Beach Bowl

Garcia makes some inspired choices on the jams with some cutting leads that go off in unexpected directions. That said, Pigpen doesn't add as much as he could/should on organ.
Turn On Your Love Light
Feb. 23, 1968
Kings Beach Bowl

Some very expressive leads from Jerry, but unfortunately the two drummer sound has a sloppy effect here. Still a fun listen.