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Johnny B. Goode
Feb. 27, 1977
Robertson Gym, UC Santa Barbara

Wow!!! This ones a ripper folks. great run and this is a hidden gem.
Cold Rain and Snow
Feb. 12, 1989
Great Western Forum

Awesome show opener at the forum in LA.
It Must Have Been The Roses
June 24, 1976
Tower Theatre

BEST I've ever heard... can't find words.
Big River
June 24, 1976
Tower Theatre

A monster show, always underrated due to poor circulation. I swear the boys are all on mushrooms, and its a best friends birthday.
Box of Rain
June 9, 1973
RFK Stadium

This is a great version.


El Paso
Aug. 27, 1972
Old Renaissance Faire Grounds

the video of this show is indeed somewhat of a holy grail. It packs a more complete punch than the already amazing sounding cassettes that have been around for so long and it really gives you the feeling of being right there while it was happening. Bobby battling against Jerry's morning dew effort comes up in reviews on just about every source of this date on any site and is definitely a special thing in and of itself. All that aside, this version of El Paso, (and about half of all songs they played this day) were played with a magic touch that happened every so often and leaves us all in agreement that there is nothing like a grateful dead concert. This is, as they did so often, as good as it gets.
Cumberland Blues
Nov. 15, 1971
The Austin Municipal Auditorium

through the roof... gets my vote, since I was born on Nov 15 and cause it rocks
Built to Last
April 6, 1989
Crisler Arena

I agree about the transition from playing making this version, the jam out of playing starts getting spread out and then phil seems to somehow pull the whole jam down some heavy gravitational field into a heavy time warped groove that the rythm devils somehow keep together. then jerry somehow gets the band to shift keys by playing the first couple notes a few times. that is what sets the pace for what is to make an aswesome rendition. after a jam>this, how could they not have made this version special?
Ramble On Rose
Dec. 6, 1971
Felt Forum, Madison Square Garden

I love how keith sounds on this whole felt forum run. like saloon style piano out of a good western movie when the cowboy walks into a crazed out bar in mexico and everyone is on peyote screaming " Yeah Jerry!!" Great run to boot! great sounding recordings too, they're a bit thin and trebly but it accentuates the piano which in my humble opinion is a period where keith was at his best, maybe being new and rather than just filling in to back everyone was more rough on the edges and a bit more assertive. in any case great version from a great run. Oh and Phil's backing vocals!
Big River
June 24, 1976
Tower Theatre

i came across a great matrix I think its from dusbourne. (spelling??) he's done a whole bunch of amazing matrixes.