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Grateful Dead Dec. 27, 1979

Oakland Auditorium Oakland, CA | Listen on archive

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Lost Sailor -> Saint of Circumstance
Sweet Eyes->Sailor->saint wedged between two more famous shows this night has some stellar moments as well. late 1979 is funky Brent stands out
They Love Each Other
Hot version from an absolutely amazing first set, this is a hot run!
Pretty Peggy O
wonderful reading of this gorgeous Garcia song. This is fantastic
Eyes Of The World
Aazing Eyes->Sailor->Saint wonderful great 1979 Grateful Dead. Amazing where they were going sound fantastic!!!!!!!
El Paso
Jerry’s noodling! One of the best post-hiatus versions! And sandwiched inbetween two of the greatest shows ever.
Beat it on Down The Line
First BIODTL of the Brent era and it's great! Everyone seems to be on - always loved this piece of classic de