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Grateful Dead Oct. 18, 1989

The Spectrum Philadelphia, PA | Listen on archive

Users have designated the following versions as heady!
All Along the Watchtower
Jerry tears apart this entire show
Bird Song
This is one of those versions where you hear it and can't believe it's not #1 (Definitely worth a listen)
Shakedown Street
Great Jerry/Bobby/Brent interplay! Great jamming version
China Cat Sunflower -> I Know You Rider
Pretty good China followed by the best 80's OR 90's RIDER I've ever heard. Check Jer's run going into "sun gonna shine" verse. 5 stars fo RIDER alone.
Queen Jane Approximately
The whole thing is great, but Jerry's solo is so melodic and joyful, how can you not love it?
Man Smart, Woman Smarter
Incredible duel between Jerry and Brent Jams! There is nothing in this world like that Hammond organ mixed with Jerry's MIDI
Ship of Fools
Nice mellow version in a show that deserves some attention.
Terrapin Station
Great playing from the entire band in this version, and kicks off a nice "TS > Drums > Space."
Black Peter
There are some tempo fluctuations, but Jerry is hot this whole show.
U.S. Blues (Wave That Flag)
Encore version from a show that deserves some love.
Drums -> Space
Hide your kids from this super heady space, lest you give them nightmares.
Gimme Some Lovin'
Cool transition from "Space," and the organ in the intro is hot. Leads into a smoking "Watchtower"
Pretty Peggy O
a little faster than usual, but Jerry s singing is passionate and crystal clear, Check out the Healy Matrix it is sweet.
The Music Never Stopped
The bird song Music never stopped sequence is the thing dreams are made of. FANTASTIC.