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Grateful Dead Aug. 16, 1969

Yasgur's Farm Bethel, NY | Listen on archive

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Turn On Your Love Light
Woodstock 45+ Min
Dark Star
Jerry said it was the worst show they ever did. It's sloppy, but the Dark Star is trippy as hell. Mellow, groovy and Tom's organ really shines.
Mama Tried
Yeah i know the Band and legend thiought they sucked at Woodstock but considering the conditions the preformance is quite herioc
High Time
Despite the negative hype this show is so much better than it is portrayed. Dark Star High Time and Lovelight are all real good Heady versions
St. Stephen
I don't care how wet the floor was or how fried the band/equipments were, this is the opener for the Greatest Live Band Ever in the Greatest Show Ever