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Grateful Dead April 6, 1984

Aladdin Theater Las Vegas, NV | Listen on archive

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China Cat Sunflower -> I Know You Rider
If you want to hear something sweet from 1984, check this out!!!
Eyes Of The World
Emerges from space one of a handful of times this was done. The rhythm section is really tightly locked in and on top of this version pushing it on
Black Peter
Black Peter tease->Truckin'->Black Peter. This was played apparently in memory of a well known head who was killed hitchhiking on his way to the show
Brown Eyed Women
Vocally sloppy at times which is a shame or else this would be a #1 contender.Absolutely relentless Phil assault and some ripping Jerry solos.
Hell in a Bucket
An extremelly slow Bucket gives it a really funky bluesy feel, really a cool version, great Brent keys
They Love Each Other
Excellent version from Vegas.
Ramble On Rose
aggressive playing from Brent
Its All Over Now
Nice "hoodoo daddy" slot number fresh off the skillet. Purring texture
Might As Well
Puppet master. Barrels out of a daze of a TMNS. "The elegant way"? that's for the drooling troglodytes of the public to decide, but whole lot of heart
Sugar Magnolia
Really nice melt from Black peter. Nascar closing jam.
Drums -> Space
This deserves to be up here - classic primal drums and an almost fairy-tale vibe as the Space jam ascends into the cosmos