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Grateful Dead Feb. 4, 1970

Family Dog at the Great Highway San Francisco, CA | Listen on archive

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Monkey and the Engineer
Bob sez: "we're gonna play one of your favorites and we certainly hope it's one of ours" b4 this sweet electric version!
St. Stephen
Very cool NFA sandwich. It works well this way.
Midnight Hour
Opening chords ring out great little show: A Night with the Family Dog
Not Fade Away
This Stephen>nfa> Stephen is killer. Also the first(known)NFA for 1970
China Cat Sunflower -> I Know You Rider
'70 was a great time for China cat> riders. Check this version from a night with the family dog. Pretty sure there's video you can find
Dancin' in the Streets
Easily the best Dancin' ever. So mellow and trippy and spacey, almost Dark-Starry. Officially released from the Family Dog via the Download series
Black Peter
Still an infant, only two months old, this is a delicately sublime version. Available on the (un-numbered) Download Series from the Family Dog.
Me and My Uncle
Only version you need to have
Hard to Handle
"How was this not here" is a thing I read a lot on here. The saying is def true with this HOT 6+ min version. Pig is S C R E A M I N G ! ! !
I Know You Rider