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Grateful Dead Oct. 15, 1994

Madison Square Garden New York, NY | Listen on archive

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Shakedown Street
Pretty tasty Shakedown for the 90's. Some real good stuff from this last run at MSG.
Stagger Lee
Clearly MSG brought the best out of Jerry. This has one of the longest outro jams that I can find.
Black Throated Wind
Love how Bob belts out Drownin' in u with Jer's fills underneath.
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
Interesting version. Jerry takes a nice chill solo and then later, he plays some of the same slide riffs he played from the epic S>F the night before
This is a damn good version. Nice solo and I love Jer's ragged voice on this tune.
Easy Answers
Even the cheesy answers is great!
I love Deals from the 90's. They get jammed out to the max. This one is no different.
New Speedway Boogie
Very Jammy version of New Speedway into drums, A Song the really sank into the last 2 years, Jer brings it to near stillness then explodes in a hot ja
Victim Or The Crime
Has a cool drum focused intro. I love the repeat of the Victim Build-ups in the last half of the song. Great version for the few Victim fans out ther
Standing On The Moon
This song became one of their best songs since Jer starting reprising the "Be with you'" in 1993. This one is killed too.
Last Time
The Last Time for the last time at MSG at the last epic run. Love this show.
I Want To Tell You
Great encore this evening! I like Vince on this song and Jer puts a nice solo on it with emotional vocal on the end.
Here Comes Sunshine
One of the better modern versions...MSG effect!
Little Red Rooster
Torched. Mark it down.