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Grateful Dead Dec. 10, 1989

Meadowlands Arena East Rutherford, NJ | Listen on archive

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Man Smart, Woman Smarter
BRENT AND BRUCE ON KEYS!!!! Enough said.
It's All Over Now Baby Blue
Wonderful cherry on a delicous sundae. Jerry Brings it down real quite than screams it out. than does it again. awesome
Victim Or The Crime
Very spacey and trippy Mickey on the beam Jerry blazing to outer space. Bobby giving his all, a very cool version.
C. C. Rider
Spencer Dryden on Guitar, Sounds more like the Airplane than the Grateful Dead, give it a listen, nice change from standard dead version
China Cat Sunflower -> I Know You Rider
Very rock n version lots of Jerry and Brent GREAT transition great peaking jams in Rider. W/ Hornsby guesting
Good Lovin'
Bruce and Brent on Keys Together, HOT!!! Bruce even gets to sing a verse of Good Lovin. Loads of fun great to hear Bruce w/ Brent killer combo.
Better then 3-24-90!!!! Tastier solo still with plenty of sizzle!!! And stronger group vocals coming out of solo jam!!! 7-22-84 Major Cowpile Kicker!
We Can Run
The best?
Jack Straw
Jack Straw -> China -> Rider in 1989. Great buildup to final verse into a classic combo. Bruce Hornsby adds an extra layer, the stuff of dreams