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Grateful Dead May 24, 1995

Memorial Stadium Seattle, WA | Listen on archive

Users have designated the following versions as heady!
Drums -> Space
Very heady drums leads into a nice peculiar space jam. Do not underestimate the drums space segments in 1995 some are very intense. Like this one
Bird Song
Excellent late era version spacy jam goes out there. Whole Seattle run best of 1995
Way To Go Home
Would have liked more if Vince had not played it every other show.
Aiko Aiko
This song had a rebirth in 1995 Jerry clearly enjoyed playing it during the last year. Upbeat and rocking.
Estimated Prophet
thissong made me decide to continue on tour thru shoreline.
Wharf Rat
sung with emotion, som uch better than the steaming pile they would lay with this song in NJ
Me and My Uncle
Frisky Jerry and Vince jams highlight this one.