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Grateful Dead Dec. 17, 1992

Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Oakland, CA | Listen on archive

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Baba O'Riley > Tomorrow Never Knows
One of Vince's finest hours with the band, Great cover choices for Vinny
Scarlet Begonias -> Fire On The Mountain
The last one for the year, THe Fire on this evening is incredibly smoking, Nice note bending from Jerry, nice mellow pace giving them loads of room
Here Comes Sunshine
Startaling choice on this evening for the Jerry Ballad slot, takes the crowd by surprise leads to a very nice reworked version
Scorching Jerry on this one he just absolutely kills the solo, awesome
So Many Roads
Beautiful and delicate with a heart wrenching Garcia guitar solo, Very powerful emotional stuff
WExcellent meaty exit jam leads into a warm friendly UJB
Not Fade Away
A searing hot jam with lots of Phil and aggressive work from Weir. Underrated.
Touch of Grey
Well sung by Jerry. One Minor flub but what’s sung is clean and crisp. Playing is nice engaging opener played well.
Uncle John's Band
This one musically is fantastic. It’s played so well. It’s a shame the lyrics aren’t as strong. Particularly weir who seems to be signing too loud
Throwing Stones
Love the tambourine sound in the beginning and love Jerry throwing in a few extra rips during some of his parts. Bob goes full rock star at one point.