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Grateful Dead June 23, 1976

Tower Theatre Upper Darby, PA | Listen on archive

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Row Jimmy
The crowd is obviously enjoying this version, and it adds to the already stellar piece of music...the band and crowd are one
Big River
Jerry is of course stellar but CHECK OUT KIETH. This show's hot!!
The Music Never Stopped
Show opener preceeded by Yellow Dog Story, Great Bobby Donna Vocals Funky Jamming great start.
St. Stephen
Nice long intro with cool soloing by Jerry, Stephen->NFA->Stephen->Dancin. Spacey Funk excellent stuff head candy
Let It Grow
Another excellent jammy Let it grow from 1976, a good year for the song
High Time
Such a great year for high time here is another outstanding version, beautiful.
Looks Like Rain
Real nice Bobby Donna duet, light and gorgeous.
Lazy Lightnin' -> Supplication
another great version of this spacey new age jam.
Dancin' in the Streets
another exploratory jammy improvisational Dancin from 1976. Great funky jam.
Jerry's voice is at his most elegant, showing some smoke. Keith is supremely intuitive and beautiful, the band goes higher and higher. Great version.
Mama Tried
Fun, raucous, and rowdy, but full of tight ensemble jamming and a nice Bobby/Jerry balance, allowing you to hear Cowboy Bob's great backup work.
Brown Eyed Women
Smooth and satisfying, rouses the crowd right up too. What a sweet show this is.
Promised Land
Keith and Jerry are manic pinball flippers bouncing their solos off each other here. Fun set closer.
Samson and Delilah
More and more I'm convinced that the earliest Samsons are the best. So confident, so full of strut and swagger. Any other era with such consist force?
Cosmic Charlie
Overlooked! Comes out of a smokin' LIG and has that smokey, slinky, silky smolder of the best of '76.
The Wheel
Totally overlooked. One of the sweetest of the year. Rolls in at almost 6 min, closing a beaut set. I'm setting this to auto replay now. Check it out!
Not Fade Away
A fucking great NFA with killer crowd support. Sometimes I love AUDs. & Garcia: looking for trouble. Aluminum Style.