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Grateful Dead Sept. 27, 1976

Community War Memorial Auditorium Rochester, NY | Listen on archive

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Lazy Lightnin' -> Supplication
Great jamming out in Supplicaton, laid-back groovy funkiness
Brown Eyed Women
Smooth like butter
Row Jimmy
I've always thought 76 the peak year for this tune and am suprised this one hasn't been offered up yet.
Franklin's Tower
help>slipnot>drums>the other one>wharf rat>slipnot>franklins tower
Wharf Rat
Keith shines on a long, flowing intro section that spills into space-mellow Rat-Goodness
Help On The Way > Slipknot > Franklin's Tower
Help> Slip> Drums>Other One> Wharf Rat> Slip> Franklin's. Is it any wonder why 76 is a pinnacle dead year? Whole 2nd set is one long jam. Amazing.
Help on the Way
Wow Help->Slip->Drums->The other one->Wharf Rat->Slip-> Franklins a purely blissful experience all heady
The Other One
another shorter but very powerful Other one with loads of Phil bombs and Jerry blasting out notes, part of an amazing sequence this evening check it
El Paso
Bob and Jerry hitting the high notes together.
They Love Each Other
Slower is better, A+ SBD, killer all around show and Jerry and Kieth/Donna are both incredible
Looks Like Rain
Solid emotionally charged version with a great balanced soundboard right as the Fall tour kicks into blistering hot gear.
The Music Never Stopped
Note for note brilliant. Jerry is blazing over the band with one brilliant line after another. Great set capper.
Samson and Delilah
Stunning. Chronically underrated song in a chronically underrated year: Listen to Jerry blaze through this like a man with 100 fingers.