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Grateful Dead April 8, 1978

Veterans Memorial Coliseum Jacksonville, FL | Listen on archive

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Scarlet Begonias -> Fire On The Mountain
April '78 S>F's often mentioned are 4/16 and 4/24 (rightly so) but this one is every bit as good. Superior transition jam--, beautiful, & powerful
Mississippi Halfstep Uptown Toodeloo
Jerry Rocks pre-post "rio grandeo" segment
Samson and Delilah
Shame on me for not submitting this earlier. Insane ripper to open 2nd set; Phil OWNS this version. Pause for nothing-- Listen NOW. Thank me l8r ;-)
Estimated Prophet
Jerry's solo after the opening lyrics is mesmerizing then it flows into an eyes-> drums-> space-> sugar mag combo = it's an epic journey
Sugar Magnolia
Just listen & you will believe. End jam before SSDD is a tidal wave of sound & power & beauty. A true must hear.
Looks Like Rain
Extremely tight and well played by all; Bob and Donna in synch (and tune); very dynamic playing and Jerry shines with the accent notes.
They Love Each Other
Excellent version, very killer show
Eyes Of The World
The Eyes of the 1st S>F>E>E sequence. A lot of piano, some episodes of beauty and, near the end, some rio-grandeo-type quiet to loud modulation.
Extremely spirited vocals by all. Jerry breaks it down for all your little ears.
El Paso
Powerful version from another under-appreciated spring ‘78 show.