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Grateful Dead Feb. 20, 1971

Capitol Theater Port Chester, NY | Listen on archive

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Bird Song
I believe it's the 2nd ever, vocals are beautiful and raw, the cut in the recording during the first chorus doesn't bother me a bit
Hard to Handle
My first bootleg ever, this song took me on this long strange trip. Phil's bass lines are phat and enjoyable. A personal favorite!!
Wharf Rat
3rd ever and it's a beauty. Show uneven at first, then comes together with Cryptical>TOO>Wharf for some righteous Dead, looking for their '71 sound.
Turn On Your Love Light
Buried under some sound quality issues is a 25 minute epic with massive jams and a dollar and quarter Pig rap for the ages.
Still brand new. This just pops and crackles with energy. Great fun.
The Other One
Passes through many phases, always exploring new riffs and hinting at further jams without ever losing its essential feeling and sound. Great stuff.
Beautiful early version, but this is excellent, tight vocals has the sweet Susie thrown in like most of the great ones. Cool keyboard sound
Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad
Wild, anarchic jam before the transition the transition back to NFA, replete with Jerry harmonics and Phil bombs.
Not Fade Away
Single kit opening, Phil comes in changing the bass line then transitions into a tasty, energetic Not Fade Away on a Goin Down the Road sandwich.
Playin' In The Band
This is an early stripped down version. There's no extended jam, or Donna screaming, just the basic song, deliverd well!
Cryptical Envelopment
A well delivered Cryptical opening a psyhadelic flood gate for a very strong single kit drums and an adventurious Other One.
Me and My Uncle
Rarely post on a MAMU, but this one really pops! Super nimble guitar work. Excelent
Casey Jones
Opens the show with serious energy. Perfect vocals and great balance of tightness, but bouncy playing. This whole first set is super crisp