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Grateful Dead Oct. 28, 1985

Fox Theater Atlanta, GA | Listen on archive

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Kansas City
"For those of you who were watching TV last night" KC won the World Series. I guess I wasn't the only one.
Brother Esau
Complete with kickin' cow bell, nice long intro, easily one of the best you'll find.
Pretty Peggy O
There's a depth to this Peggy-O that only the Fox could give.
Row Jimmy
Great cadence to this one and some cool reverb effects lend a trippy mesmerizing feel to this fine entry from the Fox. Get the CM SBD source.
Stagger Lee
A Healy masterpeice the sbd is art and quickly widespread. Garcia nails every verse with vengeance screams of passion matched by his poetic solo. WOW!
Scarlet Begonias
Confident stand alone set 2 opener. Loads of Brent and Phil. Phil leads the boys nicely into touch of grey.
Ramble On Rose
Garcia and his fretboard are truly one with vocal rage taboot. I find this to be a favorite 80s first set of mine.
Great long slow building version to open a nearly perfect set. Surprised nobody has mentioned this one before
Promised Land
Doesn't seem to want to end - some vocal flubs from Bobby but excellent and energetic version