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Grateful Dead March 22, 1995

Charlotte Coliseum Charlotte, NC | Listen on archive

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Foolish Heart
Beautiful first solo that builds and builds the crowd to a fever
Victim Or The Crime
The Victim->Foolish Heart from this night is a keeper
May have been in response to the crackdown by the 5 O in the lot.
Attics of My Life
show is better than most of 1995. This and next night plus first two in philly some of the runs best
Drums -> Space
The drums spacesegments from 1995 do not get their due they tend to be rather hot and often highlights of the shows.
Lazy River Road
Absolutely beautiful song
The Mighty Quinn (Quinn The Eskimo)
AWESOME Killer version of the great cover truly unexpected
He's Gone
Very long odd vocal jam at the end Lots of Phil and Bobby, Almost Phish esque. needs to be heard very cool and different, 6/2/1995 similar
I Want To Tell You
I want to tell you > Attics of my life. Jerry was trying to explain some things this night. This was an epic combo.
Jack Straw
Last months of Jerry’s life and he sounds just as good and energetic as he did in the 70’s , as ever I mean. Epic night ... followed by the NEXT NIGHT